Chapter 87

After a round of massage, half an hour had already gone by.

This period of idleness had already softened Xiao Hua up. Her stamina wasn’t as good as it used to be, and she was a little out of breath. After finishing she leaned over on one side.

After spending this period of time with the Jing Prince, Xiao Hua was no longer as reserved. What was a casual action however ended up giving the Jing Prince a shock.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Xiao Hua gave a careless laugh, “Just a little tired.”

The Jing Prince didn’t say anything. Xiao Hua continued to lie there for a little while, “Highness, you rest for a bit. This servant concubine will go bathe.”

While Xiao Hua went to take a bath, the Jing Prince’s gaze grew deeper and deeper as he leaned against the headboard.

Bedtime was naturally not just meant for sleeping.

Especially since the Jing Prince had gotten thoroughly immersed in the recent days. Although it wasn’t obvious on the surface, he would be abnormally excited every time the suitable time and place came up.

This excitement wasn’t visible, and only Xiao Hua was able to tell a little bit.

Matters in bed, between man and woman, was supposed to be a sublime coupling experience to begin with. Once the two of them reached a tacit understanding, they naturally became stuck together like glue and enjoyed each other to the point of obsession. On the other hand, if such an understanding hadn’t been reached, days would drag by like years and there would be completely no immersion.

Of course, this was from a woman’s perspective. Whether men were the same, Xiao Hua didn’t know. But every time they did this, she could feel the intimacy between herself and the Jing Prince.

Xiao Hua wasn’t a pampered rich girl to begin with. With her experience from her past life, there naturally wasn’t anything to be reserved about. Especially when things felt good and pleasurable, she would involuntarily react out loud.


The inadvertent cries from her small mouth made the person on top of her even more excited.

The Jing Prince remembered the teachings from the books. In bed, during these kinds of moments, when the woman cries out “no” or other words with similar meaning, it was actually the opposite. Especially since he really liked this little flower’s appearance as she pleaded with him. This appearance was very different from the several times in the past. Exactly where it was different the Jing Prince didn’t understand, but he could see that she was expressing pleasure.

The scarlet tender petals were glistening with moisture, adding a few shades of decadence to the air. The Jing Prince clearly treasured it as he lingered over it. Compared to the past clumsiness, it was much, much better. Although Xiao Hua was extremely shy, she also quite liked it. Between rejection and welcoming, it seemed that welcoming won out in the end.

Moving upwards, the Jing Prince squeezed the soft flesh in his hands, his lips moved onto the jade-like neck as he said with a hoarse voice: “You going to come?”

Xiao Hua froze, but was distracted again by the continuous movements.

Right as she was muddleheaded and semi-conscious, she once again heard, “Wanna come?”

Xiao Hua really wanted to check her ears. Can those words be used like this? What was he trying to say? She blinked her eyes innocently and looked at the still face of the person above.

“This servant, servant concubine, doesn’t….ah, doesn’t understand….”

The Jing Prince’s movements became rigid for an instant before starting again. Only after pressing and rubbing against Xiao Hua’s cherry lips many times did he speak again, “Like it?”

This she should understand, right?

Xiao Hua’s face blushed, and thinking back to the word “come” she seemed to understand the Jing Prince’s meaning a little. This person, who knew where he learned such dirty talk…….1

Although she thought this, she remembered the many bedroom tricks of the 4th young master in her past life. She knew that men loved to make women talk dirty in the midst of their pleasure.

But this wasn’t suitable to use on the Jing Prince, the fallen immortal!

She hesitated further, and was asked once again by the stubborn Jing Prince. She could only blush, circle her arms around his neck and whisper by his ear, “Like it, this servant concubine likes it to death.”

Since she was in ecstasy to begin with, despite feeling shy she also felt stimulated in her heart. Especially since these words encouraged him to use even more strength in his actions. Xiao Hua felt her mind going blank, and the legs wrapped around the Jing Prince’s waist involuntarily tightened.

Therefore, the Jing Prince also liked it.


The Jing Prince hadn’t gone back to the Hall of Splendor in several days. He would leave from the western pavilion in the morning, and head straight to the western pavilion when he returned.

Those in the western pavilion were happy, but Eunuch Fu was extremely worried.

This day the Jing Prince returned from the front court and finally went back to the Hall of Splendor. The moment he entered the gates he discovered something was strange.

He glanced at the seemingly extra “well-behaved” Eunuch Fu who had his head lowered on the side, and his eyes flashed.

As expected, the Jing Prince had just sat down briefly when Eunuch Fu said his old catchphrase: something about the hall being too dull and needing some extra brightness.

The Jing Prince sighed in his heart and gave him another glance.

“Up to you.”

Eunuch Fu happily ran out the hall like in the past. The Jing Prince felt a little headache.

The hall was scarily quiet. In the past he had enjoyed this solitude, but at this time he felt something was missing even though he still thought it was good.

The Jing Prince took a sip of tea, his heart restless as though missing something, but wasn’t able to figure out what it was.

Yesterday the Jing Prince had permitted Xiao Hua to enter the Hall of Splendor. Last night she hadn’t felt at ease and asked once again. Only after making sure the Jing Prince had ordered it and that she wouldn’t be stopped at the gates did she come over today.

The low-ranked eunuch guarding the gate looked at the dramatically changed Madam Hua, and he bowed lower than he had in the past.

“Greetings to the madam.”

This door guarding low ranked eunuch was still the same one. Xiao Hua naturally recognized him. She gestured for him to rise, and had Ding Xiang give him a little monetary reward. This low ranked eunuch repeatedly refused, not daring to accept the bestowal, but still allowed Ding Xiang to forcibly stuff it over.

“Honored eunuch, I would like to enter. Would it be possible?”

That low-ranked eunuch’s face was full of smiles, “Naturally it’s possible. The orders were already passed down last night. This one can block anyone from entering, but wouldn’t dare block madam.”

Entering the Hall of Splendor once again after a long time, Xiao Hua felt as if it were another world.

Along the way, there were many palace maids and eunuchs who greeted her. Xiao Hua’s heart felt a little stifled, but she maintained her smile and didn’t reveal anything.

Xiao Xia Zi greeted her from afar with smiles heaped on his face and his mouth flattering, “Greetings to the madam.”

“Xiao Xia Zi, it’s you! Hurry and rise.”

“Being remembered by the madam is this Xiao Xia Zi’s blessing.”

Xiao Hua covered her mouth and laughed, “This Xiao Xia Zi has learned to be smooth.”

Xiao Hua rarely went outside normally. Only after coming out today did she realize that she was really different from before. This feeling was especially clear in the Hall of Splendor. The people who were once aloof now all greeted her with smiling faces.

Xiao Hua naturally understood the reason for the change in their attitude. The Jing Prince bestowing things repeatedly in the last few days was one reason, and her being able to enter the Hall of Splendor today was another.

Xiao Xia Zi was someone she was familiar with in the past. When she was a low-ranked palace maid, his chin was raised. When she entered the hall, his chin was level. Once she started “serving” the Jing Prince, his chin was slightly lowered, but he didn’t engage in flattery. After she became a madam and was about to move to the western pavilion, she was able to see the top of his head. Coming back this time, she was able to see his back.

This feeling struck a rather heavy blow, making Xiao Hua slightly lost in thought and feeling rather uncomfortable. Luckily her ability to conceal things wasn’t bad, and she also snapped out of it very quickly.

“Look at your silver tongue. Ding Xiang.”

Xiao Hua slightly tilted her chin and had Ding Xiang hand over the bestowal. It was just a small silver ingot, but Xiao Xia Zi acted especially exaggerated, unable to close his mouth from happiness.

Xiao Hua had never expected to end up in such a situation at this moment in time. In her past life it was all she wanted. In this life, she somehow inadvertently ended up in this position. But she didn’t reject it. It was still that same old saying. There were all sorts of people. Seeking benefits through flattery was something that could be seen everywhere. People had to adapt to their environment for many things.

This was true for both Xiao Xia Zi and herself.

“His highness is within the hall.” Xiao Xia Zi leaned in closed and spoke quietly.

Xiao Hua understood his meaning, but only said: “I’m here this time to see Nana He. His highness is definitely busy, right?”

The last part was said intentionally, meaning that Xiao Hua wasn’t planning on going inside to bother the Jing Prince. Xiao Xia Zi understood tacitly, and he switched back to his normal tone, “Then allow this lowly one to lead madam over.”

They walked along the courtyard towards the back. Suddenly a splash of eye-catching color appeared in the usual grey yet imposing Hall of Splendor.

Xiao Hua’s footsteps faltered. Xiao Xia Zi looked over and cried out in his heart.

But Xiao Hua didn’t ask anything and continued walking. Her expression didn’t show anything.

Xiao Xia Zi snuck a glance at Xiao Hua and exclaimed in admiration inside. This Madam Hua is just so unperturbed. Just based on this steadiness alone, she already surpassed those few people by a lot.

After thinking, he pretended to be leading the way and kept his eyes to the front while quietly saying: “Those few were arranged by Eunuch Fu in the courtyard a few days ago. They were specially found, and have yet to enter the hall itself.”

After speaking, he turned his head and bowed with a smile. He spoke with a raised voice, “Since madam doesn’t need Xiao Xia Zi to lead the way, Xiao Xia Zi will take his leave.”

Xiao Hua smiled and nodded.

Ding Xiang was also a steady one. She didn’t reveal any surprise at seeing Xiao Xia Zi’s performance, and supported Xiao Hua as they continued forward.

They walked all the way to the small kitchen where they found Nana He as expected.

“Nana, Xiao Hua has come to see you.”

“Xiao Hua lass, oh, it should be Madam Hua now.”

Xiao Hua said in annoyance: “Nana, you’re also trying this act on Xiao Hua. I knew I shouldn’t have come so hurriedly to see you.”

Why Nana He had her come to the small kitchen, Xiao Hua currently had some idea in her heart. She naturally was extremely grateful for Nana He’s act of kindness. Especially since Nana He had always treated her well. Her words just now weren’t intended to be aggressive.

Nana He chuckled, “Alright, alright. Nana won’t tease you anymore. But the proper etiquette should still be observed.”

Ding Xiang stood guard by the doors. Xiao Hua and Nana He were alone in the kitchen.

After sitting, Nana He said quietly: “You should know why I had you make a trip now, right?”

Xiao Hua bit her lips and hesitantly nodded her head.

“That’s fine then.” Nana He smiled, and nonchalantly raised her voice saying, “The soup Nana brews for you needs to be drunk daily. It’s good for your body.”

“Xiao Hua always drinks every last drop of Nana’s soup.”

Nana He stroked Xiao Hua’s hair and lowered her voice, “Doctor Hu is treating your body while Nana helps nourish it. The two combined will make things improve much faster. Strive to give birth to a little royal descendent earlier.”

“Nana……” Xiao Hua was touched, her voice a little choked up.

“Nana can’t help you with the rest, this is all I can do.”

Ever since Xiao Hua arrived at the small kitchen, Nana He hadn’t directly mentioned the fact that Eunuch Fu had arranged people inside. After all, on the surface Nana He and Eunuch Fu were on the same side. She only warned her due to her personal feelings. Nana He thought that if Xiao Hua could understand, then she’ll understand. If she couldn’t understand, then she would leave it at that. Luckily Xiao Hua was never a dumb one.

As for Nana He saying that she “can’t help with the rest”, not only did it signify her position and concealment, but it also represented her own attitude. She would be unbiased, and couldn’t do any more than that.

Despite this being the case, Xiao Hua was extremely grateful.


How could the Hall of Splendor have someone who would express goodwill to others for no reason? It’s just that everyone had their own considerations.

Xiao Xia Zi also came from the palace, but he had been young at the time. When he followed the Jing Prince to the vassal state, he was just thirteen years old.

Xiao Xia Zi lived a hard life. He had been given to the palace at a very young age in exchange for money. He muddled around for several years, and was merely the lowest ranking manual labor eunuch. He ate the worst food, and did the most tiring work. Not only this, he was also bullied and oppressed by the higher-ranked eunuchs.

 As the unfavored fifth prince was sent out of the capital, the palace maids and eunuchs arranged by the palace to go with him were also unfavored ones. From Xiao Xia Zi’s perspective, his life after arriving at the Jing Province had improved by way too much.

It’s just that it couldn’t be compared to others. The eunuchs who had been by the Jing Prince’s side and spent the longest time with him all received good positions. This included that youngster An Chen, who became responsible for the Jing Prince’s personal everyday tasks due to his relationship with Eunuch Fu. His future prospects definitely wouldn’t be bad.

As for those like him who were arranged by the palace, they still remained low-ranked eunuchs who did manual labor.

Everyone had ambitions, especially those who were castrated. Without a root they couldn’t have descendants, and their lives belonged to their master. Only money and status could move them.

But Xiao Xia Zi didn’t have this opportunity.

Although serving inside the Hall of Splendor seemed to be a glorious thing, in reality, the Jing Prince’s personal affairs were handled by Eunuch Fu, the everyday affairs by An Chen, and the rest by Eunuch Chang. What was left to him were all the tasks that no one else wanted.

Xiao Xia Zi struggled along like this for several years, and felt at a loss in his heart.

Was he to remain a low-ranked eunuch doing manual labor for the rest of his life?

Xiao Xia Zi had seen how Madam Hua came in initially, and how she received attention, promotion and finally favor. It could be said that he understood Madam Hua more than Eunuch Fu did. This was because he had always been observing her from the very beginning.

This sort of observation was at first only because he was arranged to instruct them in various things, and didn’t have any other intentions. Yet as the apathetic highness gradually took her to heart, Xiao Xia Zi had also grown more serious and adaptable in his observation.

Xiao Xia Zi’s heart was especially flustered when Eunuch Fu once again arranged people into the Hall of Splendor.

This was the two of them ending up at odds with each other!

For Eunuch Fu to achieve his own goals, it was inevitable that he would be at odds with the other side. Especially since anyone would feel uncomfortable with the few people he had found.

Xiao Xia Zi never underestimated the effect women could have on men. Otherwise, how could Senior Concubine Xu in the imperial palace struggle against the empress for several decades without being at a disadvantage. She had precisely relied on the effect she had on men.

Others thought Madam Hua’s situation currently looked bleak. But according to him, the outcome was not guaranteed, and he actually felt Madam Hua was in a better position. Xiao Xia Zi wanted to offer her his aid in this difficult time.

Of course, he didn’t have the intention of replacing anyone, and merely wanted to rise a little higher. After all, for a futureless eunuch, doing manual labor forever was something worthy of despair.

Furthermore, he wasn’t overstepping his bounds too much. He merely expressed a little goodwill and offered some conveniences.

Xiao Xia Zi quietly came to switch the Jing Prince’s tea. After hesitating a little, he said quietly: “This servant saw Madam Hua just now.”

The Jing Prince’s gaze swept over. Xiao Xia Zi tacitly understood, and said with lowered eyes and a raised, joyous voice: “Madam went to the small kitchen to find Nana He. This servant went to lead the way but madam said she didn’t need it. She still bestowed some silver to this servant.”

The Jing Prince remained expressionless but his gaze softened.

“Invite madam over.”

Eunuch Fu stood on the side. These words weren’t clearly directed at anyone and Xiao Xia Zi didn’t dare to be presumptuous. After all, Eunuch Fu’s methods made him shiver all over just thinking about it.

“Highness, this old servant will go.” Eunuch Fu finished speaking and walked out.

Xiao Xia Zi’s emotions were complicated. He knew he should have spoken up to do it, but he didn’t dare be too obvious in front of Eunuch Fu.

Eunuch Fu left the hall and called An Chen to invite Madam Hua over. He turned and busied himself with other things.

Translator’s notes:

Minor spoilers in the author’s words below. Nothing unexpected really, just a general vague summary of how the plot is expected to progress.

Author’s words:

Cough, cough, Repressed Jing got led astray by Barbarian Yan’s books.

Those who are eager to hit Eunuch Fu’s face shouldn’t be too hasty. This plot wasn’t written for the sake of face-slapping, and also isn’t to make things difficult for the male and female leads. It’s still mainly to drive the relationship progress between them. Their use is merely to raise the relationship between the male and female lead, taking it to the next level. (Just like how some people are saying Repressed Jing’s feelings for Xiao Hua still aren’t clear, and Xiao Hua still isn’t really in love with Repressed Jing. This is precisely what this development is for)

Eunuch Fu will be taught a lesson and these passersby will also disappear. Once they are of no more use, they will disappear. Therefore, everyone shouldn’t panic. Won’t bully the female lead, won’t bully the female lead, won’t bully the female lead. Important words need to be said thrice.

A traditional, reincarnated girl would always have to accept the thought of a husband who has many wives. She isn’t a modern person with modern views. Therefore, there needs to be something to provoke her into becoming “overbearing”. That’s what the little bit of use is for them, to prepare for the future where only she is favored. After all, many things aren’t given by others, but instead obtained by oneself. Xiao Hua was never a fool, and her EQ is actually very high. This can be seen from how she pulled Repressed Jing into her hands bit by bit.

Eunuch Fu also isn’t trying to court death. He actually can clearly see certain things, but pretends to be ignorant. He is afraid in his heart, but is willing to go to any extent for his goals.

Aiya, spoiled things again.

  1. This part was hard to translate. In the raws, what he said was “is it efficient/brisk?” which apparently is also slang for “yeah, you like that?” or something similar. Unfortunately I couldn’t quite translate it that way since it needs to be something that Xiao Hua wouldn’t understand right away, and also has to be different from his usual “Like it?” Hopefully this is acceptable, and doesn’t reveal my limited “dirty talk” ability…
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Marcheline Beatrice Uy
3 years ago

I don’t know if I’m just putting the author on a pedestal, but I trust her a lot. I’ve read 80% of her works and I liked most of them. I just know she treats her leads well and gives other characters the kindness they’re due.

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Supposedly the author wrote a novel of the other reincarnated girl that Xiao Hua met in the slave cart. Is it any good?

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Perhaps I’ve read too many “counter attack” novels, so I don’t like it when the author using “the third person” as a mean to progress the relationship between CP. Rather than “progress”, “test” is much more palatable.
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