Chapter 88

The Wangxian Pavilion was completely silent.

No one would have thought Yan Yan would react this way.

Normally, proper ladies from major households would mind their words and actions, deeply afraid of seeming rude in front of others. They mostly didn’t reveal their teeth when smiling, didn’t sway their skirts when moving, and every thought and action was proper. Even if someone offended them, they would act is if nothing was amiss despite being angered into spitting blood on the inside.

Even if they wanted to punish someone, they would find a moral highground, telling everyone that they had no choice. Although this wasn’t what they really thought, it was expected of them.

Noblewomen couldn’t bicker with riffraff. Wouldn’t that be lowering their own status?!

The proper ladies of major households all acted meticulously and smoothly. Liu Shu Yi was already an exception that startled others. Unexpectedly, there was an even simpler and violent one here that actually threatened others in front of everyone!

Was there going to be a fight?

Fights weren’t something that broke out within the social circles of noblewomen. The misses watching on the side were both scared yet also excited. They couldn’t help but clench their handkerchiefs.

There were quite a few people here who hated Wu Qiong Qiong. Everyone knew she was rude and unreasonable, but she was also cherished by her grandfather who was a high official. Therefore, when someone disagreed with her normally, they would usually endure it. Someone walking barefoot wouldn’t be afraid of someone wearing shoes. They couldn’t let her ruin their reputation as well.

Because of this, every time they saw Liu Shu Yi and Wu Qiong Qiong start arguing, everyone wished to see Wu Qiong Qiong eat a loss. This was because she had already made many of them eat losses. Wasn’t it time for someone to keep her in check!? But Liu Shu Yi and Wu Qiong Qiong were evenly matched. Whenever they quarreled, there wasn’t really a clear victor. Now that Liu Shu Yi had a helper, everyone held their breath in anticipation.

“You, what do you want to do?”

Those words evoked Wu Qiong Qiong’s painful memories, making her recall several unbearable things from the past.

She still remembered how she was stronger than this violent girl in the past, but would still get easily pressed to the floor. Her hair would be ruined, her beautiful skirt dirtied and her face completely lost.


Yan Yan curled her lips. “That depends on what you want to do.”

Wu Qiong Qiong gritted her teeth inside, but still had to put on a disdainful appearance. She sneered, “I can’t be bothered to bicker with you. It would only ruin my image!”

After speaking, she took Pei Jia Yu and hurriedly left.

These words had been said by many who quarreled with Wu Qiong Qiong before. Unexpectedly, the day had come where she had to use the same words to keep her dignity.

When these words came out, many on the scene started laughing. They all used their handkerchiefs to cover up as their eyes crinkled. Wu Qiong Qiong had already left the Wangxian Pavilion. Her angrily departing figure could still be seen, but her wretched appearance also couldn’t be concealed.

The majority of the people started commenting.

“Peh, to think she would also have such a day!”

“How satisfying. That rude and unreasonable person!”

It was clear there were many present who had been offended by Wu Qiong Qiong in the past. It just wasn’t convenient for them to bicker with her due to their faces. A few young misses came up in succession to smile and chat with Yan Yan. Liu Shu Yi knew most of them, and with her introductions everyone chatted happily.

Some people asked why Wu Qiong Qiong was afraid. Liu Shu Yi evilly told the story of how she and Yan Yan teamed up to bully Wu Qiong Qiong when they were children. When she mentioned how Wu Qiong Qiong was pressed into the ground until her face was full of tears, everyone couldn’t stop laughing.

Yan Ru’s palms were sweaty. Only after exchanging glances with Yan Ling did she relax.

Because they had come with Yan Yan, there were a few young misses who came up and chatted with them. Yan Ling was good at socializing. Calling big sis here and little sis there, she made all these young misses beam with happiness. They became friendlier when speaking with Yan Ru as well.

Yan Ru was thin-skinned but she knew this was a rare opportunity. She also took the initiative to strike up conversation. She was well versed in the arts and those with similar interests got to talking more and more intimately with her.

Wu Qiong Qiong had left in a huff. By the time she snapped out of it, she had already left the Qinxiang Garden. Pei Jia Yu had followed behind her and didn’t dare speak.

“It’s all you, it’s all you. You’re so petty, making me lose so much face!” Wu Qiong Qiong roared at Pei Jia Yu while kicking the bushes in anger.

Pei Jia Yu was a little aggrieved at being the target of vented anger but she also knew her words had been wrong. But wasn’t she just trying to help Wu Qiong Qiong regain some momentum?

Actually, Pei Jia Yu wouldn’t have been able to come here today with her family background. Assistant Minister Pei had fallen from grace overnight and was fired and exiled. The Pei household had also fallen into dust.

The people who interacted with them in the past now avoided them. Their doorstep could be said to be gathering dust.

But the Pei household had more than just Assistant Minister Pei. Although he was fired, he hadn’t implicated his other family members. The Pei household had merely given the officials escorting him into exile some benefits before holing up in their estate. They didn’t despair because Assistant Minister Pei had said he had been implicated this time, and those on top would protect him.

In the second year of Assistant Minister Pei’s exile, the Wu Estate’s eldest branch’s principal second son married Pei Jia Yu’s older sister. This marriage had been arranged early on and the high official didn’t annul the marriage.

This was what outsiders knew, and they praised the high official for his integrity. However, in reality it was just to settle the Pei household’s hearts.

With High Official Wu’s backing, the Pei household was no longer declining although they weren’t as well off as before. Pei Jia Yu’s older sister was Wu Qiong Qiong’s older sister-in-law. Therefore, Pei Jia Yu and Wu Qiong Qing were extremely close normally.

These years Pei Jia Yu had understood that her household’s situation was no longer the same. If she wanted a good marriage, she would have to properly coax this Wu Qiong Qiong. Therefore, despite hating this rude girl in her heart, she endured it on the surface.

Pei Jia Yu understood Wu Qiong Qiong rather well. She was prickly, rude and unreasonable. She also couldn’t be called intelligent. Pei Jia Yu had adapted herself to match Wu Qiong Qiong, and she ultimately treated her rather well. But since Wu Qiong Qiong’s temper wasn’t good, she couldn’t avoid occasionally becoming the punching bag.

“Big sis Qiong Qiong, didn’t I do it for your sake? Who would have thought that crude and ugly girl was actually the Zhenguo Duke’s granddaughter!?” Pei Jia Yu sobbed with tears in her eyes.

These words were pleasant to Wu Qiong Qiong’s ears. “You also think she’s crude and ugly? This Yan Yan has always been this way. She basically ruined my image in the capital!”

Pei Jia Yu was secretly smug, but said on the surface: “She’s truly not as good looking as big sis Qiong Qiong, looking all violent.”

It turns out it wasn’t without reason that Pei Jia Yu could bcome Wu Qiong Qiong’s lackey. At least, her ability of calling a deer a horse was pretty good.

A soft voice sounded from the side. “Are you big sis Pei Jia Yu?”

The two turned and looked at a feeble girl sitting under a tree. Pei Jia Yu blinked her eyes. That girl let out an excited smile. “It’s me, Yan Qian.”

It turned out that Yan Qian had felt resentful at Yan Ru and Yan Ling for being led away by the Yiyong Marquis Estate’s servants.

She wasn’t as foolish as the others, and naturally knew things weren’t so simple. But the servants didn’t let her tag along so she could only grit her teeth and feel resentful.

She felt things weren’t right the more she thought about it. Yan Qian thus went to “use the restroom”, but instead had Xiao Cui distract the people while she snuck off.

Xiao Cui didn’t dare, afraid of something happening to her miss. Yan Qian threatened her a bunch before she finally agreed. Afterwards, Yan Qian successfully left the Yunxiang Building.

Coincidentally, she had run into a servant on the way. That servant assumed she was a guest at the estate and asked if she was lost. Yan Qian played along and was sent to the Qinxiang Garden. Along the way, she had fished for information and knew that there was a banquet going on here. She naturally resented Shen Yi Yao and Yan Yan for discriminatory treatment.

As they reached the gates, she had said she knew the way from here and sent the servant away. She then entered along the cobblestone path. From the distance, she heard a girl’s crisp voice seemingly mention “Yan Yan” so she paid some attention.

She then noticed that one of the girls was actually the Pei household’s big sis Jia Yu.

Yan Qian had gone with Concubine Pei to the Pei household before, but extremely infrequently. The Pei household didn’t favor the concubine born daughter of their household who caused a scandal prior to marriage. But Concubine Pei’s own concubine mother was still in the estate. For the sake of the old madam and the Weiyuan Marquis’s face, they didn’t prevent Concubine Pei from visiting her own mom.

Therefore, Yan Qian had met Pei Jia Yu before, and they had even played together. It’s just that Pei Jia Yu looked down on this concubine born daughter, even though she should be calling Concubine Pei aunt.

Pei Jia Yu had recognized Yan Qian right away because she looked too much like Concubine Pei. Her face turned gloomy and she frowned: “Who’s your big sis Jia Yu?! I don’t know you.”

Yan Qian teared up, looking pitiful and aggrieved. “Big sis Jia Yu, it’s me Yan Qian. My mom is your aunt.”

Pei Jia Yu used her gaze to stop her from speaking, in case Wu Qiong Qiong realized she had a concubine born cousin and embarrassed her household. Yan Qian stopped speaking as expected. She quickly said quietly: “Were you talking about third sis just now?” After a pause she added, “She’s Yan Yan.”

Pei Jia Yu only just remembered that her aunt was a concubine at the Weiyuan Marquis Estate. Although they were declining, she still remembered their household allowed her aunt to come visit because the Yan household’s old madam was her grandfather’s sister. Another reason was because the Weiyuan Marquis Estate and the Zhenguo Duke Estate were connected by marriage. The Weiyuan Marquis had married the Zhenguo Duke’s precious pearl.

This was to say Yan Yan was from the Weiyuan Marquis Estate, and was Yan Qian’s sister?

She whispered a few words to Wu Qion Qiong, who looked disdainfully at Yan Qian: “We’re precisely talking about her. What? Are you eavesdropping for her sake?”

Yan Qian was panicked and waved her hands. “I won’t tell her, I won’t…”

She seemed to shiver involuntarily, as though frightened of something. Her appearance attracted suspicion. Wu Qiong Qiong glanced at Pei Jia Yu, “Does she have some issues?”

Pei Jia Yu looked despising, “Who knows? I’m not close with her.”

Yan Qian seemed very aggrieved. She said quietly, “I don’t have any issues. I just wanted to say that Yan Yan is very hard to deal with and you shouldn’t offend her. Those who offend her all end up suffering.”

All this aroused Wu Qiong Qiong’s curiosity. Why would her sister be so frightened for no reason? Unless….

Wu Qiong Qiong have a glance and Pei Jia Yu stepped up. Then, they patiently and systematically obtained a lot of information from Yan Qian.


Actually, chatting with the young misses was rather boring. Yan Yan soon grew impatient.

She wasn’t someone who was good at socializing, but seeing Yan Ru and Yan Ling having a good time, it wasn’t convenient of her to say anthing. Liu Shu Yi had similar thoughts and glanced at Yan Yan who was bored to death. She gave her a glance and the two of them used going to the bathroom as an excuse to leave.

After coming out of the bathroom, the two didn’t return immediately, and instead strolled around the garden.

“They’re really boring. When they aren’t talking about the arts, they’re talking about clothes or jewelry. There’s never anything new.”

“What kind of new things are you looking for?”

Liu Shu Yi didn’t have an answer, and could only say, “Look, the two of us don’t chat about those things.”

Yan Yan smiled. “My mom says I’m not like a girl.”

“My mom says the same about me.”

The two smiled at each other.

“I’ll take you for a stroll. There’s a lot of people here, so let’s go to the pond in the back. We’ll return later.”

After about half an hour, the two of them reappeared. Before they reached the Wangxian Pavilion, they heard the sounds of an argument coming from inside.

Yan Yan looked over and saw Yan Ru with reddened eyes and Yan Ling with a flushed face. They seemed to be arguing with someone. The two of them were isolated, and those who were previously chatting with them had all moved away. There were quite a few people across from them though. Wu Qiong Qiong was in the lead, Pei Yu Jia’s expression was very smug. There was another person standing in the corner. It was Yan Qian.

Liu Shu Yi saw things weren’t looking good. Yan Yan narrowed her eyes and walked inside.

Seeing her come in, the crowd looked bewildered as though seeing a monster. Yan Ru saw Yan Yan and her expression was a little aggrieved. Yan Ling pulled Yan Ru and ran over.

“Third sis….”

“What happened?”

Yan Ling wanted to speak but Yan Ru pulled at her and forced a smile: “Third sis, it’s nothing. Just got into a quarrel. How about we switch locations? There are too many people here.”

Yan Yan looked at Yan Ru’s expression and then glanced at Yan Qian. “How did she get here?”

Yan Ru’s expression was a little panicked. “I also don’t know. I saw her come in with Wu Qiong Qiong. Third sis let’s hurry and leave. I don’t want to stay here anymore.”

The more she saw Yan Ru like this, the less Yan Yan wanted to leave. During this period of time, Yan Yan had gotten to know Yan Ru quite well. Although she was a little delicate, she was still overall a good girl. She wouldn’t start arguing with others for no reason. Perhaps she was bullied?

Yan Yan’s personality was this way. Those she approved of, she would take under her wing. Even if they weren’t sisters, she still wouldn’t let them get bullied in consideration of Xue-shi’s face.

“Who bullied you?”

It was at this time Wu Qiong Qiong spoke up. “Violent girl is unrestrained and crudish and vicious as expected. Don’t act like you want to beat someone up. We’re not your estate’s servants!”

There were many implications in these words. Yan Ru grabbed Yan Yan tightly and begged quietly: “Third sis, let’s go. Don’t stay here any longer.”

Liu Shu Yi said in dissatisfaction: “Wu Qiong Qiong, who are you talking about?”

“The person in question knows very well.” Qu Qiong Qiong very condescendingly smirked, her eyes filled with Schadenfreude. “Yan Yan, you aren’t young anymore. It’s about time to discuss marriage, but who would dare marry someone like you!?”

Yan Ling’s face was flushed. “I’ve already explained several times. My third sis isn’t someone like that. Don’t listen to Yan Qian’s lies.”

Hearing up to this point, Yan Yan pretty much understood. Her eyes swept over the crowd and then looked at Yan Qian who shrunk into the corner. Yan Qian’s expression was very strange. There seemed to be fear, but also a lot of excitement. Her eyes were filled with malice. Feeling Yan Yan looking at her, she hurriedly burrowed into the corner and put on a trembling appearance.

Seeing this, the crowd broke out into discussion. Their gazes at Yan Yan became even weirder. Wu Qiong Qiong looked very smug. This violent girl finally suffered a loss at her hands!

“Yan Yan, I thought you were just hotheaded, but who would have thought you were so malicious!? You’ve truly expanded my horizons. What proper lady would act like you? How atrocious!”

Wu Qiong Qiong put on a righteous appearance and the crowd looked revolted. They only refrained from critizing due to being concerned about their own status or perhaps due to Yan Yan’s background.

Only now did Yan Ru sobbingly explain things to Yan Yan.

It turns out that not long after they left, Wu Qiong Qiong had come back along with Yan Qian. The moment Yan Ru saw Yan Qian, her head was about to explode. Seeing her together with Wu Qiong Qiong gave her a feeling of foreboding.

As expected, Wu Qiong Qiong pulled a few people over and told them something and they all started getting into discussions one by one. The misses sitting with them also went over.

The banquet had yet to begin and several guests hadn’t arrived yet. Several misses would enter every so often. People wanted to join in on the liveliness, so whether they knew Yan Yan or not, they all started gossiping.

Only then did Yan Ru know that Yan Qian had told Wu Qiong Qiong a lot of bad things about Yan Yan. Things like she was vicious, and would beat servants and even two doctors had been beaten away by her. She also said she was overbearing and rude, and never respected her elders. She would always talk back to her grandmother, and even her father’s concubines were afraid of her. She made one kneel in the courtyard in front of everyone, and they all feared her like wolves and tigers….

Yan Qian only spoke the truth, but they were all taken out of context. But this made it impossible to accuse her of lying. Yan Ru’s eyes turned red out of panic. Yan Ling had wanted to explain but no one was willing to listen. Yan Qian put on a pitiful appearance, along with Wu Qiong Qiong and Pei Jia Yu fanning the flames, which resulted in the scene from before.

Liu Shu Yi was gobsmacked after listening.

Yan Yan pursed her mouth tightly and didn’t speak.

“Ah Yan, did you really do all that?”

Yan Yan looked at Liu Shu Yi, her gaze dark. “Do you trust me? There’s a reason for all of it.”

Liu Shu Yi hurriedly nodded. “We’ve played together since we were children. I trust your character.”

Yan Yan’s brows relaxed. She suddenly smiled. She had a pair of extremely beautiful almond eyes that slightly slanted upwards. Her fine and exquisite brows radiated charm as they were raised. Because of this smile, she exuded a charm that didn’t suit her age.

She took a step and walked over. The crowd immediately retreated to either side. Yan Yan walked over directly to Yan Qian. Yan Qian was unsettled, wanting to move but not daring to.

“Third sis, don’t hit me….ah….”

Yan Yan moved swiftly. She stretched out a hand and grabbed Yan Qian’s collar, lifting her up in front of her eyes. Yan Yan was taller than her to begin with, making her look weak and pitiful.

The crowd cried out in astonishment. Some of the more timid ones covered their mouths with handkerchiefs in fright. Yan Yan held Yan Qian with her left hand as she patted her face with her right. “Don’t want me to hit you? I thought you were a smart one, and wouldn’t take the initiative to provoke me!”

Yan Qian panted urgently, her voice trembling. “You, you let go….”

Wu Qiong Qiong ran over and put on a brave front: “Yan Yan, what do you want to do? You want to hit your concubine sister in front of everyone? I’ve never seen such a vicious and malicious person!”

Yan Yan ignored her and continued speaking to Yan Qian: “Thoroughly venting everything feels good, right? Have you considered the consequences?”

Her attitude was very leisurely. She hooked a chair over with her foot and sat down. Yan Qian was actually forced onto her knees in front of her, her small face raised towards her.

She started slapping Yan Qian’s face over and over. She didn’t hit hard but the sound was very crisp.

This sort of scene tested the limits of these noble ladies’ endurance. Which estate didn’t have concubine daughters and principal daughters? It wasn’t like principal daughters never dealt with concubine daughters before. But such fangs bared and claws brandished behavior in front of everyone has never been seen before.

Some servants ran in and tried to softly persuade her to stop.

It turns out that the Wangxian Pavilion faced the Yaoyue1 Terrace. Several of the noblewomen in the terrace by the window had seen what was happening. When the matter spread, a master from the estate had ordered the servants to come stop things. Soon, people would start arriving.

This matter had blown up already and Yan Ru was already frightened to tears. She tightly held the worried looking Yan Ling’s hand.

Liu Shu Yi persuaded Yan Yan with trembling voice: “Ah Yan, forget it. Even if she really started rumors, it can be dealt with later. Don’t do it here. Your mom is probably going to arrive soon.”

How could Yan Yan not realize this? But if this matter wasn’t handled now, this bucket of feces would definitely be dunked onto her head. Her anger couldn’t be restrained anyway, and since her reputation was already ruined, she figured she might as well ruin it thoroughly.

She smiled at Yan Qian who had a hint of joy in her eyes. “What? Waiting for someone to save you? Didn’t you make me sound very malicious? Don’t you know when I lose my temper, I’ve never cared about anything? Tell me, if I choked you to death right now, would someone ask for my life in repayment?”

At some point, Yan Yan’s hand had already moved around Yan Qian’s throat. She rubbed over and over again, as though pondering where she should start squeezing. The sounds of chairs falling sounded repeatedly. Some timid people could no longer endure and had run off.

Yan Qian’s gaze became horrified, her voice dry and piercing. “You dare?”

“What do you think?”

Yan Qian already felt the hand on her throat slowly tightening. Her heart contracted and her pupils dilated. She finally couldn’t control her terror anymore and pulled at Yan Yan’s hand. Her tears flowed out and messed up her face.

“Let go, let go….”

“I beg you, let, let me go….”

“Big sis Jia Yu, big sis Wu, save me….”

Wu Qiong Qiong and Pei Jia Yu had already been scared witless. How would they dare to provoke this devil incarnate in front of them anymore? They both stood far away.

A series of footsteps sounded and Shen Yi Yao’s voice could be heard from far away.

“Ah Yan…..”

Shen Yi Yao ran in the lead. This woman whose skirt never swayed when she moved was staggering as she ran over. There were quite a few noblewomen behind her. Seeing the situation, they were all stunned.

“Ah Yan, hurry and let go!”

Yan Yan raised her head and shot her a dazzling smile.

“Mom, do you know? Yan Qian said I’m vicious, overbearing and unreasonable. Furthermore, I always talk back to my elders and grandmother has fainted several times from anger because of me. Oh right, I also beat the servants, and I’ve even beaten two of the estate’s doctors out of the estate. Oh right, I’m also harsh to the estate’s concubines. I either punish them to kneel or send them off to nunneries….”

Shen Yi Yao was in disbelief. She glared at Yan Qian and then looked at Yan Yan.

Yan Yan was very calm, her words unhurried. Yan Yan wasn’t like this normally. Her words usually came clear and fast. Even Shen Yi Yao had never seen her like this before.

Tears misted Shen Yi Yao’s eyes. She said in a trembling voice: “No, no, mom’s Ah Yan isn’t like that. Yan Qian, how could you say such nonsense….”

“Mom, no need to explain. No one will believe it. People only believe thrilling things, things that make their blood boil, things that they can gossip about. They wouldn’t care if there’s a reason for anything.” She lowered her head and smiled again at Yan Qian. “You’ve achieved your goal. My reputation is ruined. Since my reputation is ruined, shouldn’t I do something to make it a reality?”

“No, no, no….”

A stench of urine wafted out. It turns out Yan Qian had wet herself from fright.

Despite this, she didn’t dare relax. She felt Yan Yan was like a crazy person. Why did she never react like other people? Shouldn’t she be blushing and trying to explain under such circumstances, and end up making matters worse instead? Or perhaps, shouldn’t she have stopped when the elders came…..

Why is she still trying to choke her to death?

Will she die?

“Third sis, I know my wrongs. I shouldn’t have spread rumors wanting to ruin your reputation….”

“I beat the servants?”

“No, those were spies placed by my concubine mom.”

“I beat doctors out of the estate?”

“No, no, they were bribed by my concubine mom.”

“I punished Concubine Lan to kneel?”

“That was because she disrespected the madam!”

“I sent your concubine mom to the Qingpu Nunnery?”

“It was grandmother who did that because she embezzled public funds and stole your mom’s dowry….”

Speaking to this point, Yan Qian was already a mess of tears. All her defenses had been torn apart and she hadn’t noticed that Yan Yan had already withdrawn her hand. She sat on the floor by herself.

Only when a palm ruthlessly slapped her across the face did she see the situation clearly. There was disgust and disbelief, as though she were a filthy rat. Only then did she realize what she had said and suddenly felt like the sky was falling.

Yan Yan flicked her fingers. “Hitting you is really dirtying my hand, but not hitting you causes my resentment to pent up!” She looked at Pei Jia Yu in the crowd and smiled. “This is the good thing raised by your Pei household’s daughter. Do you feel like your horizons have been broadened? My mom let bygones be bygones and didn’t come to the Pei household to look for trouble, but you guys ended up clawing back at us.”

Pei Jia Yu stammered, “Don’t talk nonsense. She’s surnamed Yan, not Pei….”

“Also, Wu Qiong Qiong, how does it benefit you to incite Yan Qian into ruining my name? Did it make you feel good?”

Wu Qiong Qiong looked panicked. “I didn’t incite her, she did it herself…no, it was Pei Jia Yu, she said this would ruin your name and it would be easier to deal with you in the future….”

The rest of the words weren’t spoken due to a slap landing on her face, making her fall onto the floor.

“Ah Yan……”

Wu Qiong Qiong wanted to die from the pain. She clutched her face and shrieked: “You dare hit me?”

“I just did. What of it?”

At this time, a cry of “well struck!” sounded out.

Hearing this voice, Yan Yan’s nose turned sour.

Author’s notes:

This author never approved of the saying that “scum will get their comeuppance”. This is because there are a lot of scum in life that are doing perfectly well. This author feels that the saying is just to comfort oneself if those scum cannot be dealt with for some reason.

Haha, Yan Yan’s temper always made her strike out whenever she suffers a loss. She would never endure it. This matter has also stimulated Shen Yi Yao. She can probably understand now that even if you try to live peacefully with some people, they might not think the same way. It’s best to thoroughly crush them underfoot when taking revenge. Otherwise, Shen Yi Yao wouldn’t be crying so hard. Her worldview has completely shattered. Take a guess who called out “well struck!”

Won’t reveal which backer has arrived. Saw some readers saying they were sullen over the initial chapters. Haven’t you noticed Yan Yan never suffers a loss? Even when she does, she would also make her opponents uncomfortable. The so called suffering is mostly internal due to not having a common understanding with the person closest to her. Shen Yi Yao is a proper lady and strives for peace and dignity. It’s best if everything can harmonious. But Yan Yan is someone who never cares about anything when she’s angered. Rambled on a bunch again.

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3 years ago

Ohhmiiigaawwwd such a satisfying return to their attempt to put our heroine down😈 And doesn’t matter a tick if those delicate mamas look down on our Yanyan for their dainty sons bc she has a hero who adores her just as she is ♥️♥️♥️
Thanks for the chapter 🙏

3 years ago

Ohhmiiigaawwwd such a satisfying return to their attempt to put our heroine down😈 And doesn’t matter a tick if those delicate mamas look down on our Yanyan for their dainty sons bc she has a hero who adores her just as she is ♥️♥️♥️
Thanks for the chapter 🙏