Chapter 96

It turned out that the crown prince’s group had encountered the second prince’s party on their way to rescue the people.

The second prince had been hunting with several noble descendents as they laughed and chatted. Seeing the crown prince making such a fanfare, they grew curious and went to ask about it.

The two of them exchanged hidden barbs. The crown prince was naturally anxious and knew this Luo Jin had probably done something. He was deeply afraid they wouldn’t make it in time. The second prince’s aides took this opportunity to secretly send people ahead to pass on the message.

The second prince continued to keep the crown prince tied up via questioning. The crown prince also didn’t hide things and spoke the truth of the matter. They would have found out sooner or later anyway. He took the opportunity to question if the second prince was trying to delay them from saving people. The second prince was startled and said they would come along to help.

The second prince was very familiar with this area of the hunting grounds. He estimated that by the time they hurried over, everything would be arranged already. He was naturally confident.

Unexpectedly, when they arrived his subordinates had all been wiped out and those who should have died were alive and well.

The second prince had never suffered such a shock in his life!

He was certainly shocked, but also couldn’t help but rejoice. Luckily they had planned everything meticulously, and along with the lack of witnesses it would be hard to find any incriminating evidence against him!

While the crown prince was coaxing Shen Qi, Yan Ting also jumped out. He was both startled and worried as he asked Yan Yan if she was hurt, putting on the appearance of a compassionate father concerned for his daughter. He loudly denounced whoever came up with this plot and cursed them to die horrible deaths. If he knew who was responsible, he definitely wouldn’t let them off.

Even though Xu Xiang Rong knew this was a necessary performance, he still couldn’t help but feel a little unwell.

Being cursed by someone right in front of them, both Xu Xiang Rong and even the second prince felt some indescribable emotions. Especially since Yan Ting himself had been more or less involved!

Before long, the Zhenguo Duke and Emperor Xi arrived as well.

The emperor’s arrival was naturally more awe-inspiring than the crown prince’s group.

Emperor Xi was furious. His voice rang out as he ordered for a thorough investigation.

The crown prince hugged Emperor Xi’s leg as he cried and scolded himself for being too muddled at the time, almost making a huge mistake. The crown prince’s attitude was extremely good and he was showing remorse. Furthermore, the situation was truly dangerous at the time. The crown prince was naturally more important than others. Seeing that he had returned with reinforcements as well as the pile of corpses on the floor and the wolf pack that shouldn’t have appeared, Emperor Xi didn’t scold him. He felt some sympathy instead.

Since the emperor didn’t force the issue and the crown prince acted appropriately, naturally no one dared to mention the crown prince’s conduct again.

The Zhenguo Duke’s reaction was truly as Empress Xiao predicted. Since his grandson and granddaughter were fine, he naturally wouldn’t get further involved. Actually, he was also pretty clear on what had happened. It definitely involved the empress and the senior concubine. The two children were merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

People below being swept into the struggles of those above. This was something the Zhenguo Duke had seen far too often. He also knew how to handle such matters.

After returning to camp, everyone present was called over for questioning.

Yan Yan’s group as well as Liu Shu Yi and Chu Ming Chen who had gone for reinforcements were all brought in. However, they didn’t say too much. They merely described the general situation. Liu Shu Yi also didn’t mention the weirdness that happened on their way back. They made it seem like their group was ambushed by the wolf pack and the two of them had broken out to get reinforcements. Unexpectedly, by the time they arrived the crown prince had already set out with people to help. Therefore, their efforts had been in vain.

There was also an explanation for Luo Huai Yuan’s presence. He had gotten separated from his guards and was chased by a single wolf. After being rescued by Shen Qi’s group, he ended up being swept into the calamity.

Of course, many people wondered how the dozen or so people managed to kill so many wolves as well as over twenty ambushers. The Zhenguo Duke provided the explanation. His grandson and granddaughter were both young, so the guards he arranged this time were all experts.

The traces of explosions around the corpses were also explained away by Shen Qi. The explosives were given to him by the Zhenguo Duke to defend himself. The wolf pack wasn’t actually wiped out. They were just scared off by the heavy casualties and the loud explosions.

The matter of Yan Yan killing people was concealed by Shen Qi and Luo Huai Yuan. Apart from the Zhenguo Duke knowing about it, even the Zhenguo madam wasn’t told.

What happened next no longer concerned Shen Qi’s group.

After a round of investigations, apart from finding out the people in green were responsible for the wolf pack, nothing else was discovered.

There were no witnesses left alive. The wolves in the hunting grounds were wiped out and those responsible for guarding the perimeters were scolded. But there truly weren’t any clues. It was as though these wolves and those mysterious people had appeared from thin air. Emperor Xi was extremely furious.

The only thing they got was a wax paper pouch from one of the people in green. In the pouch was a sort of secret medicine powder. This powder had no smell to humans, but wolves were not fond of it. The wolf pack was probably gathered using the influence of this medicine.

This matter caused quite a lot of waves in the camp. Some women had been planning on going along to play and hunt. After this matter, the amount of women going out had suddenly decreased by a lot.

The third prince was without a doubt the champion of the first day’s hunt. However, since this matter had occurred, there was no celebratory banquet or whatever for him. The handsome reward mentioned by Emperor Xi naturally failed to materialize. Several noble descendents who had wanted to impress the emperor were upset at the lack of recognition. They could only hang their heads in dejection as they cursed whoever was responsible for this matter.

In the following days, the empress and the crown prince’s side turned the entire surroundings upside down. Senior Concubine Xu and the second prince also expressed a lot of concern and busied themselves as well. But there was still no conclusion to this matter. The empress’s side naturally didn’t want to let the senior concubine’s side off, but the problem was the lack of evidence.

This matter thus passed. It seemed neither side suffered losses. Only the crown prince got a scare and lost several loyal guards.

The only unfortunately ones was Yan Yan’s group. However, the empress and the crown prince had lowered themselves sufficiently, continuously sending over rewards. What could anyone say about it? Those few guards had died unfortunate deaths.

In fact, Luo Huai Yuan ended up in the spotlight. This was because the empress and the crown prince expressed a lot of concern for him. There would frequently be people coming over to inquire about his health. The crown prince also kept coming over and chatting with this brother of his, seeming very concerned about him.

Actually everyone understood that this was just a performance for others. However, that in itself also had some implications. Those underneath naturally no longer treated the fourth prince the same way. It wasn’t clear if this was a blessing or not.

Another group that was extremely unfortunate was Senior Concubine Xu’s side, who was the instigator of this affair.

After preparing for such a long time, they had wasted all their efforts. They had finally gotten an opportunity to pull the crown prince off his horse but it was ruined by others.

Senior Concubine Xu’s group naturally complained about the Zhenguo Duke for being too cautious, arranging such skilled guards for the two juniors. Of course, such words couldn’t be said out loud. Apart from cusring the Zhenguo Duke Estate for being overprotective, they also didn’t know what else to say. With the empress’s side pressuring them relentlessly, they also didn’t have time to think about it.

After a few days, Emperor Xi brought up the first day of the hunt. He said they couldn’t let these minor details disrupt the rules laid down by the ancestors. He chose another day to hold the competition again. The first place would be handsomely rewarded and the top ten would each get a prize.

The noble descendents starting making preparations once again, eager to put on a good performance.

The campsite grew lively once again, a change from the previously bleak atmosphere. It was like the matter never occurred.


When Yan Yan returned that day, Shen Yi Yao had held her and cried for an entire hour.

Ever since Liu Shu Yi snuck over and informed her about them encountering wolves, Shen Yi Yao’s heart had been hung. Although she knew her daughter was quite skilled and that her maternal household had sent experts to guard them, she still couldn’t help but worry. Luckily her daughter returned unharmed.

Yan Yan was bowled over from her crying and didn’t know what she should do.

She was never good at comforting people, and could only say rigidly that she was fine. It was only when Yan Mo said sis was definitely tired before her mom finally gave it a rest.

The following days, Shen Yi Yao forbade Yan Yan from going out. Yan Yan had yet to recover from that day and took the opportunity to calm herself.

Therefore, she didn’t see the spectacle on the day of the hunt.

Yan Yan wasn’t the only one who didn’t attend. Shen Qi didn’t either. These days Second Madam Shen kept a close eye on him, deeply afraid he would run off. Luo Huai Yuan was another one who didn’t attend. The fourth prince had always been timid, and had suffered a fright this time. He naturally wouldn’t participate.

Due to this matter, the fourth prince and the Zhenguo Duke Estate young master’s relationship could now be revealed to the public. He owed him his life, and they had also escaped death together. No one would say anything if Luo Huai Yuan occasionally sought out Shen Qi.

Carriages filled with trophies were sent back continuously. Each carriage had identification markers and there were people in charge of recording things. By the time everyone returned that evening, there was already a large banquet prepared in the center of the campsite.

The rankings were announced at the banquet. The first place was actually not the third prince, but the second prince instead. The crown prince got second place and the third prince was third. The remaining rankers were all youngsters known for their courage in the capital.

Emperor Xi awarded the tenth through seventh place a spot in the son of heaven’s personal troops, and they were each given various positions. Many of the noble descendents came for this purpose. If they could stand out, those with lesser backgrounds were naturally happy to change their circumstances.

The third prince received a bullhorn bow used by Emperor Xi in his early years. The crown prince received a jade pendant. For the first place’s second prince, Emperor Xi asked him on the spot what he wanted.

This was the main event of every hunt. Actually, this scene wasn’t unfamiliar to the crowd. Although Emperor Xi said it was an opportunity for everyone in the Grand Xi, no one was foolish enough to fight over the top spots with the princes. The three of them had always been in the top three, though the rankings would occasionally change between them.

The crown prince would occasionally take first, and occasionally it would be the second prince. Ever since the third prince exhibited his fierceness after maturing, the second prince seemed to have stopped contending with his younger brother. The first place would go back and forth between the crown prince and the third prince each time. But as the third prince gradually grew older, the crown prince seemed to fall behind.

This won’t be mentioned for now. Everyone also knew about Emperor Xi’s convention.

However, these princes were all good at acting and wouldn’t request anything too excessive. This was just a performance of filial piety and fatherly love for the crowd.

The second prince got up and walked to the center.

He first knelt and kowtowed in gratitude for his royal father’s grace before standing.

Luo Jin was truly quite good looking. He was tall and upright, with sharp brows and glistening eyes. He was graceful with a sort of genteel and scholarly temperament. He had a faint smile on the corner of his lips, making people feel as though bathed in spring winds.

The second prince didn’t make any request, but instead gave a speech.

“Princes get married at eighteen but your son actually ended up being an exception. Mother empress and mother concubine have worried over your son a lot. Unfortunately, your son has always been picky, making it quite hard on mother concubine. For the sake of this matter, she has shed quite a lot of tears.”

Speaking to this point, the second prince bowed respectfully to Senior Concubine Xu, seeming to express gratitude and apology.

Senior Concubine Xu’s eyes were teary.

Everyone had weird expressions as they listened. The second prince wanted to discuss his own marriage in front of everyone?

“Your son has always felt that a consort should be one that matches the heart. Only this way can there be harmony between husband and wife. Someone who can become your son’s consort naturally can’t be ordinary. Therefore, your son would prefer to go without rather than settle. Luckily, on this trip to Mt. Meng, your son encountered a girl he admires. Hopefully royal father can grant this wish.”

The nobles and officials were in uproar. Only Yan Ting who sat in the corner revealed a confident smile.

The empress’s dignified smile turned rigid. Emperor Xi’s expression also became a little inexplicably gloomy.

“Which household’s miss caught my royal son’s eye?”

Emperor Xi gripped his glass and smiled without care at Senior Concubine Xu. “Didn’t expect our royal son to admire a girl. Does my beloved consort know who she is?”

Senior Concubine Xu’s expression was angry yet not. She shook her head: “How should this concubine know? Your majesty knows that Jin’er’s standards have always been high. Someone who could catch his eye definitely can’t be ordinary. These years this concubine has worried quite a lot about his marriage and grew a few more white hairs. Who would have thought he would bring up this matter himself.”

As she spoke, she covered her mouth, seeming to laugh at her son.

The second prince slightly lowered his head, seeming a little embarrassed.

Senior Concubine Xu’s eyes roamed, her appearance peerless. “Since your royal father has asked, you should answer. As long as that girl’s background is pure, your father will certainly grant you your wish. Right, majesty?” She gave Emperor Xi a gentle smile.

Emperor Xi didn’t respond to her and spoke to the second prince: “Then speak. We also really want to know which girl has caught the eye of our son with such high standards.”

He directed the latter part to the officials beneath him. No one dared respond and they all merely smiled. The royal family’s affairs had always been complicated and involved many things. Those who were smart wouldn’t get involved. These princes and concubines loved to put on a performance. They just watched the show. Only fools would get involved.

“Your son wishes to propose to the Weiyuan Marquis Estate’s principal eldest daughter Miss Yan. That day during the wolf pack attack, your son noticed Miss Yan was calm in the face of danger. Her composed appearance made me suddenly feel only such a girl is suitable to become the second prince consort. Royal father, please grant this wish.”

The scene immediately quietened down. Suddenly a crisp sound shattered the silence.

Everyone looked over and saw that the fourth prince had accidentally bumped the tray of the palace maid serving the alcohol. The jug lay shattered on the floor.

That palace maid seemed to have gotten a fright. She thudded to her knees and kowtowed continuously for mercy.

The fourth prince seemed even more frightened than her. He carefully looked around and when he saw everyone looking at him, he lowered his head hurriedly in fear.

The second prince pursed his lips and was a little displeased. That stupid pig old fourth knocking over a jug at this time must have some rather unpleasant implications. But it wasn’t convenient for him to say anything. He acted as though nothing occurred and continued to look expectantly at Emperor Xi.

“Royal father, please grant this wish.”

Only now did Emperor Xi seem to snap out of it. He asked the empress beside him: “Which household’s miss caught Jin’er’s eye?”

The empress smiled rigidly, “The Weiyuan Marquis Estate’s Yan household. This Weiyuan Marquis Estate is an old merit-based noble household. Their ancestor was one of the meritorious officials under the ancestral emperor.”

There were many meritorious officials under the ancestral emperor. Several of their descendents were present today. However, since Emperor Xi wasn’t familiar with this name, it was probably a declined household.

Seeing Emperor Xi’s confusion, the empress was rather considerate and added, “This Weiyuan Marquis’s madam is the Zhenguo Duke’s only daughter. Since we’re talking about their principal daughter, that miss should be the old duke’s granddaughter.”

Emperor Xi seemed to have finally connected the dots. His eyes imperceptibly narrowed as he looked faintly at the second prince. “You’ve set your eyes on the Yan household’s miss?”

“After hearing that Miss Yan was talented in both literature and martial arts, your son felt admiration the moment he saw her.”

Emperor Xi slightly nodded and waved his hand. “Go summon the Yan household’s miss over.”

Zheng Hai Quan bowed and went to carry it out.

The second prince returned to his seat. The scene was quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

At the head table, the empress and the crown prince were both inexplicably gloomy. The crowd also seemed to have sensed the conflict and kept their heads lowered, acting like stone pillars in their seats.

The Zhenguo Duke suddenly laughed brightly a few times and said to Emperor Xi: “The second prince is truly mistaken in his praise. My granddaughter has always been a willful one and her temper isn’t so good. She doesn’t deserve such praise from the second prince.”

Emperor Xi waved his hand uncaringly. “The Zhenguo Duke is being modest. To catch the second prince’s eye, she must be outstanding.”

The Zhenguo Duke merely smiled.

These words seemed ordinary but they made Senior Concubine Xu’s eyes flicker. She felt a pang of unease in her heart. She locked eyes with the second prince for a moment before they controlled their expressions.

The crown prince was a little anxious and couldn’t help but look at the empress. Only when she gave him a calm glance did he calm himself down.

Yan Yan arrived very quickly.

Women weren’t allowed to participate in this awards banquet. She had just finished eating dinner with Shen Yi Yao and Yan Mo when she was summoned.

Mother and daughter were both confused, but since the summons came from the emperor she naturally couldn’t delay. She hurriedly changed into appropriate clothing and applied some light makeup before following the interior attendant over.

She stood outside and looked over at the lights in the distance.

Although this was the hunting grounds and the conditions were crude, his majesty’s banquet naturally wouldn’t be ordinary.

This banquet was also a bonfire event. Several large piles of fires were lit in the area, over which hung a rather large deer-like beast. The meat sizzled over the fire and the scene was filled with its fragrance. Some palace maids knelt nearby applying seasoning. Occasionally, a palace maid would use a knife to cut off a piece or break off a limb and serve it at the tables, splitting it amongst the nobles and officials.

The eldest and important members were in front while the juniors sat behind. Emperor Xi naturally sat in the seat of honor along with the empress and Senior Concubine Xu. Three rows of seats were arranged on either side. Looking over, the place was packed with people. With the bonfires as well as lamps in various places, the scene was brightly lit as though it were daytime.

She walked forward one step at a time at a steady pace. Only after reaching an appropriate spot did she kneel and kowtow in greeting.


A rather gloomy voice rang out from the seat of honor.

Yan Yan stood up with her head slightly lowered. Her beautiful eyes were half shut and she didn’t look around.

“Raise your head.”

Yan Yan slightly raised her head while keeping her eyes half closed.

“Truly a remarkable miss. My royal son has good taste.” He continued speaking to Yan Yan. “You are the Yan household’s eldest principal daughter. How old are you this year?”

“Fifteen in two months.”

Emperor Xi nodded and muttered to himself before saying: “That second royal son of mine wishes to propose to you. Are you willing?”

When these words came out, the crowd was in uproar.

A girl’s marriage had always been something that was discussed by her parents and a matchmaker. There wouldn’t be anyone else involved, let alone the current emperor. Marriage had always depended on intentions, and the people involved wouldn’t be asked if they were willing. Why did the young miss get called over in this case and even asked if she was willing?

Everyone had some understanding after considering her identity. This was due to the Zhenguo Duke’s prestige. By giving his granddaughter face, it elevated her status and if she truly became the second prince’s consort, she would seem even more respectable.

It was known that the Weiyuan Marquis’s status wasn’t high, and no longer represented his ancestor’s previous glory. When Yan Yan was summoned for an audience with the emperor, several people quietly discussed things and the Weiyuan Marquis and his household became more widely known. The one thing that was commendable about the Weiyuan Marquis was his luck to have married the Zhenguo Duke’s precious pearl back then.

Actually, when calling him the Zhenguo Duke’s son-in-law, everyone had an idea of who he was. They had just never seen him in person. Of course there were still some who knew a little more. It was said that the Weiyuan Marquis had gotten rather close to the Chengen Marquis household’s Xu Xiang Rong. Along with the Zhenguo Duke’s neutral political stance and the second prince’s sudden proposal to a nobody, understanding dawned in many minds.

Glances were snuck in the Zhenguo Duke’s direction more and more. The father-in-law and the son-in-law weren’t of the same mind? There were inevitably some who reveled in schadenfreude and wanted to watch a good show.

No one expected the Yan household’s miss to be unwilling. After all, the second prince was a talent cherished by his majesty. Furthermore, this was a consort’s position. Becoming one meant entering the royal family. It was ascending to the heavens.

Apart from the Zhenguo Duke’s awkward situation, this was an extremely good marriage. There were only benefits to be had. Unless the Yan household’s miss was a fool, she would definitely agree.

Therefore, everyone was waiting to watch the show. His son-in-law disagreed with him and his granddaughter understood nothing about politics. Once she agreed, the Zhenguo Duke would be in a troublesome situation. For those watching the show, the bigger the drama the better. People had always been this way.

The crowd expected Yan Yan to agree.


“Not willing.”

Under the eyes of the crowd, Yan Yan still had the same reserved appearance but her answer was very direct.

In that moment, everyone was astounded. In the corner of the second row, a person suddenly jumped up. However, no one noticed since everyone was focused on Yan Yan.

Emperor Xi suddenly smiled and asked: “Why not?”

Only now did Yan Yan raise her head and look at Emperor Xi. She then turned to look at the second prince. The second prince held his alcohol glass, his smile frozen around his mouth. He looked straight at Yan Yan, his eyes concealing many, many things.

Yan Yan couldn’t be bothered to figure out what was in his eyes. She answered: “We don’t know each other.”

This sort of answer made Emperor Xi smile even wider. He felt a thick sense of interest. “Since ancient times, marriage has always been arranged by parents and matchmakers. Not just the women, but even the men wouldn’t have met their future wife prior to marriage. There’s even less need to mention familiarity.” Even when Emperor Xi married Empress Xiao back then, they had only heard of each other. Only on their wedding night did he see what his new bride looked like.

Yan Yan muttered to herself and spoke: “This one isn’t concerned about this matter. My marriage is also being decided by my mom, but I inevitably have some thoughts. This one’s temper has never been good and I have been spoiled from birth. Apart from mom and my younger brother, there’s probably no one who could endure this one’s temper. That’s why “knowing each other” was brought up. It’s best to understand this one’s personality before any proposal. After all, it’s best for there to be no secrets in matters of marriage in case arguments occur.”

This reasoning was rather preposterous, but it wasn’t possible to say she was wrong.

Apart from the crackling bonfires, there was a buzz of conversation. Countless people seemed to be in discussion. But these people were skilled and it was hard to tell they were talking at all. The scene was still silent.

Emperor Xi’s interest was aroused. He asked: “The Zhenguo Duke mentioned you were willful and now you say yourself that your temper isn’t good. We have never seen a young miss like you before. Why don’t you tell Us how you temper isn’t good?”

Yan Yan tilted her head and considered before answering: “This one is frank and outspoken, and never beats around the bush. I’m also unable to speak niceties. If I like something I like it. If I don’t, then I don’t. It would be hard for someone I don’t like to get a smile from this one. Anyone who makes me uncomfortable should prepare to feel the same way. I cannot stand the shameful secrets of the rear residence. I really cannot stand those who smile at you on the surface while being calculating underneath. When encountering such people, this one’s reaction is to slap them into pulp!”

The air froze at the scene. Emperor Xi suddenly burst out laughing. “What a good “slap them into pulp”, how refreshing. As expected of the Zhenguo Duke’s granddaughter!”

He lightly coughed a few times and continued with a smile. “En, your temper truly isn’t too good. With such a personality, there won’t be many households willing to have you marry in. Have you considered what to do if you cannot get married?”

Yan Yan was a little annoyed. Why was his majesty so fussy, asking about everything?

But she also knew this wasn’t just anybody. He was the most powerful person under the heavens. Even her grandfather had to show him respect, let alone her.

“If I can’t get married then I won’t. My mom can afford to raise me after all.”

Emperor Xi seemed to be truly considering things for her. “But if you cannot get married, people will gossip about your household. In this society, people are superficial and won’t investigate the details. Rumors will only pile up, and they will say you are an old maid unable to get married because you are weird and ugly.”

After he spoke, Emperor Xi looked directly at Yan Yan, seemingly waiting for her response.

There were no girls in this world, especially young girls, who could stand being called ugly or old. Forget those young girls. Even Senior Concubine Xu who acted gentle and affectionate in front of the emperor would occasionally worry whether she was getting old or ugly. When finding a white hair, she would make a huge deal out of nothing.

But for some reason, Emperor Xi felt this young miss would give him a different sort of answer. He was keenly interested and expectant.

The young miss seemed to be a little annoyed. It was clear she was truly a little willful. She actually revealed a trace of impatience in front of the emperor.

“What do the thoughts of others have to do with this one? Will I be ugly just because they say I am? From my mom to my grandfather, my aunts and uncles, not a single person has called this one ugly. Even if they did call me ugly, so what? Would I lose any sleep over it? They can say whatever they like, but it doesn’t seem likely to affect this one’s life at all.”

This answer seemed a little preposterous once again depending on how one viewed it.

Those who studied Confucianism would naturally say a bunch like “In this life, you are bound to this mortal coil via your body. How can you possibly ignore what others say about it?”

Those whose thoughts were more rebellious would mostly say how refreshing and freeing her words were. Why should I care what others think?

No matter what was said, these were all private discussions. At this time, what the crowd said would depend on Emperor Xi’s reaction.

Emperor Xi seemed to have engaged this young miss in debate. He interrogated once again: “Let’s not mention this for now. It’s still fine if you’re young. As the years grow long, your brother would be married. An unmarried young miss like you staying at home would become an eyesore for your sister-in-law. Your mom will age and cannot protect you for a lifetime. After she passes away, there will be no one left to protect you. It would be hard for you to remain at home.”


“How so?”

“My brother wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen.”

“Why wouldn’t he?”

Yan Yan’s impatience thickened and her words gradually became heated. “We’re siblings related by blood. Do you still need to ask why?”

Author’s notes:

Haha, Yan Ting is probably gnawing on the table at this moment. Whose daughter is this? Why is she going against this daddy? Why isn’t she getting dragged off for a beating?

Cough cough, on a more serious topic. Ah Yan is truly a little direct, but not as inflexible as she presents herself. She’s rejecting the son in front of the father. Without some explanation, she would be blamed. If she only had to consider herself, well you guys can decide how that would turn out. But she also has her grandfather to consider. She cannot cause trouble for him. This was why she presented herself as a rigid person, which could later be assigned to her being insensible in her youth. Ah Yan is a good girl….

Author: Great Emperor Xi, why are you going against our young miss?

Emperor Xi: We are lonely…..

Author: Speak properly!

Emperor Xi: Would We say We’re secretly pleased?

Author: Stern face (back on topic).

My readers can probably tell that Emperor Xi isn’t willing for this marriage to happen. But since he was put on the spot, it’s hard to dismount after riding the tiger. Yan Yan’s intentions happened to match his own. Yan Yan was clearly belittling herself by saying her temper wasn’t good, and that she was violent and so on. For the sake of this annoying matter between grownups, our young miss is making a joke out of her reputation. Emperor Xi naturally has to lift her up a bit. Things getting off topic afterwards was completely due to Emperor Xi’s interest being aroused, along with Yan Yan being different from others.

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