Book 3 Chapter 9: Zombie, Part 1

Wan Li and Xiao Xia completed the necessary procedures before heading to the morgue in the very back of the public hospital, accompanied by the administrator. When she thought about the flower of Gu Yu Fang’s life having withered, her corpse now in cold storage, Xiao Xia couldn’t help but feel some sorrow. She walked silently beside the two men.

The hidden Hong Hao Hao watched the people approach. She hurriedly raised the prepared talisman and covertly made the administrator, who had been walking along perfectly fine, fall to the floor. At the same time, Xiao Xia became separated from the others by a barrier.

Xiao Xia didn’t notice anything and continued walking forward silently. There was a small red light at the end of the hallway, shining listlessly as though it were a wavering ghostly eye in the dark.

On the other side, Wan Li was busy supporting the suddenly unconscious administrator and didn’t realize what had happened. When he turned and noticed Xiao Xia continue forward, he called out, “Xiao Xia, wait.” However, she seemed not to have heard and continued walking.

Immediately, Wan Li sensed something was very wrong and felt a strong sense of unease.

No, this wasn’t an ordinary space. It was too quiet! The administrator suddenly falling unconscious was also very weird. Could something have happened? Where they being schemed against by the cult?!

He put the administrator down and hurriedly chased after Xiao Xia. However, no matter how he ran, she showed no reaction and walked further and further away. They were close to each other, but it felt like they were separated by mountains and oceans.

“Xiao Xia, Xiao Xia, don’t go over!” He yelled desperately in panic, stretching his hand out futilely. He could only watch helplessly as Xiao Xia walked over to that red light. She somehow opened the door to the morgue and walked inside defenselessly.

The metal door slowly closed behind her maliciously without a sound. Xiao Xia’s slender silhouette was thus swallowed by the darkness, as though she had walked into a demon’s mouth.

They were after Xiao Xia!

This realization made sweat trick from his forehead. His damned chivalry had resulted in him carrying the bloodwood sword for Xiao Xia. If something attacked her now, she would be in danger!

Wan Li was extremely panicked as he rushed forward like a headless fly, completely losing his rationality. Only after a long while did he realize he was still in the same spot.

“Fuck, a ghost-built wall again. How convenient, it’s the same trick every time!” He cursed furiously.

“It’s because this trick is effective!” A woman’s voice responded.

Wan Li was startled because he hadn’t seen anyone. He felt a gust of cold wind as though someone had brushed by his side. He suddenly reached out and grabbed, but only felt air.

The woman giggled delicately, “You can’t catch me, handsome!”

Wan Li ran forward a few steps but didn’t feel himself getting closer.

“Are you from that whatever Flower Society? What is it you want?” He forced himself to remain calm.

“No need to worry about who I am. This will disperse in ten minutes. You can wait to collect Yue Xiao Xia’s corpse!”

“No, let her go! We can talk things through!”

The woman ignored him. The dainty yet piercing cold laughter alternated between near and far. Wan Li’s veins bulged from his anxiety.

“Xiao Xia better be fine. Otherwise, I won’t let your Flower Society off!” He yelled angrily, but was helpless.

Calm! Calm! He had to think of something quick! Otherwise, Xiao Xia would definitely be in trouble!

He spun anxiously in circles, reminding himself to calm down. However, his heart was a mess and his normally quick mind wasn’t able to come up with anything at all!

Seconds and then minutes went by as he paced anxiously back and forth. He inadvertently knocked the fishing rod case on his back against the wall, resulting in a clanging sound. This sound made his heart shake as he recalled the bloodwood sword was in his hands. He cursed himself for losing his head out of panic, having forgotten the bloodwood sword could break this foul restriction. He had relied on this during Bloody Mary’s matter last time to save Xiao Xia. He finally understood the saying that caring causes chaos. He hurriedly took the sword out of the case and swung it at the invisible wall.

The red light passed through and the formless boundary shattered. The surroundings reverted back to normal. He didn’t even think about pursuing the invisible woman and couldn’t mind the unconscious administrator. He took the key on his body and ran swiftly to the door of the morgue.

The door was locked properly as though it had never been opened. He didn’t understand how Xiao Xia had gotten inside. He hurriedly unlocked it and pushed heavily.

However, the door wouldn’t open and remained firmly shut. It was as though it had been bolted from the inside.

“Xiao Xia, danger! Open the door!” He yelled wildly.

There was no response. There was only the silence of death, forcing him to pull desperately at the metal door that separated life from death.


Xiao Xia also realized something was wrong.

She had clearly been together with Wan Li, and the morgue’s administrator as well. She didn’t know how she ended up by herself, and had no idea how she had gotten inside the morgue. By the time she felt the abnormal chill, she suddenly realized she was alone. In front of her were two long rows of cold storage lockers and the door was tightly shut behind her. She couldn’t pull it open no matter how she tried.

This made her feel a wave of terror, but the unusual atmosphere made her not dare to cry out.

Where was Wan Li? Where was the administrator?

Only her breathing broke the deathly silence, which transmitted her fear throughout the empty space. She did her best to hold her breath, but could still hear her panting and her thunderous heartbeat.


Suddenly, a noise came from the corner. A woman’s hand stretched out from the end of the row of lockers before beckoning her over, making her almost faint in fear.

She didn’t move, and the hand started waving more urgently, pointing at her as though it were angry.

Xiao Xia only had the thought of escaping in her mind!

She turned to pull at the door but it wasn’t there. There was only a wall behind her. She groped around the wall in panic, trying to find some unseen mechanism without any success. From behind her, footsteps sounded out. They were unhurried, but exuded a sense of pressure as they approached.

She turned her head and saw two beautiful female legs walking over to her from the other walkway!

It was only the legs! The upper portion was mangled because they weren’t connected to anything. Therefore, they wobbled from side to side, moving disjointedly and crookedly as the red heels on the feet clacked.

This must be a dream, like the day Gu Yu Fang was harmed! Furthermore, she was kindheartedly here to visit Gu Yu Fang, so she shouldn’t want to harm her. She had to wake up! Her back was against the metal door which refused to open. She desperately reminded herself that this was a dream. She used her nails to pinch her arm fiercely, but the stinging pain made her realize it wasn’t a dream.

Then it must be an illusion. This place was very familiar. She had encountered this place during Bloody Mary’s case. As long as she stood still, her protective amulet would keep her safe. She just had to stay still.

One step, two steps, three steps…the two legs came closer and closer. She lost the courage to verify the illusion with her body and ran off in the opposite direction. She had no choice but to run towards the beckoning hand.

The hand wasn’t attached to anything. It was just a hand.

“I am a human seal. I have no limbs.” A sinister voice rang out from behind her. She turned around instinctively but didn’t see anything. However, the hand and legs vanished.

It was an illusion after all. She knew she should have been firm in her belief.


The sound of nails dragging against metal rang out from one of the lockers, making Xiao Xia’s heart tighten in alarm. She stood frozen in fear. Then, with a drawn out creak that sounded like a groan, locker number seven slowly, slowly opened, revealing Gu Yu Fang lying on the rolling platform.

At this moment, Xiao Xia was already unable to think straight from fear. She stood there for a long while until she snapped out of it before lightly moving her feet, trying to go around the open locker. She had only taken a single step when Gu Yu Fang’s head suddenly twisted ninety degrees with a crack, staring straight at her.

Xiao Xia locked gazes with the corpse and felt a gust of chill enter her heart.

“You lied to me.” Gu Yu Fang’s lips didn’t move, but her voice rang out.

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Xiao xia should just die. She is a burden