Chapter 100

Hearing Xiao Hua say she might be pregnant, the Jing Prince directly froze.

However, he snapped out of it very quickly and raised his voice for someone to call Doctor Hu.

Xiao Xia Zi was outside and received the order. He was momentarily confused. After waiting for a bit without seeing any other movement, he went to carry out his orders. Xiao Qin Zi also turned around to inform Eunuch Fu. After all, calling for Doctor Hu wasn’t a minor situation. Who knew what could have happened to his highness. If he really had some issue with his body and Eunuch Fu wasn’t immediately informed, he and Xiao Xia Zi would be done for the next day. Even if they weren’t put to death they would have to shed a layer of skin.

The two people in the room were still spacing out while those outside were up in arms due to the situation.

Xiao Hua sat there listening to the movements outside. Seeing that the two of them weren’t in an appropriate condition to see anyone, and knowing Doctor Hu was about to come, she called for someone to prepare bathwater.

The two of them washed and changed. The bedsheets and what not were also changed to clean ones. The Jing Prince wore indoor casualwear and sat on the side of the bed. The curtains on the palanquin bed were closed. Xiao Hua was still lying in bed because the Jing Prince wouldn’t let her get up.

Seeing the seriousness of the matter, Xiao Hua felt a lot of pressure. She felt even more that it would be laughable if she wasn’t actually pregnant. Looking at the Jing Prince’s expression, she couldn’t infer any clues.

Eunuch Fu stood outside and asked quietly for an audience. The Jing Prince allowed him to come in. Seeing the Jing Prince sitting perfectly fine by the bedside, Eunuch Fu let out a breath of relief.

“Highness, are you feeling unwell?”

The Jing Prince shook his head and didn’t speak.

Ding Xiang was also in the room. Eunuch Fu glanced at her, and seeing her expression contain some concealed delight, he had some guesses in his heart.

After a while, Xiao Xia Zi announced Doctor Hu’s arrival. Eunuch Fu hurriedly summoned him inside.

“Examine the madam.”

Ding Xiang walked to the bed and muttered in a low voice. A snow-white spotless wrist reached out through the curtains. Ding Xiang placed a silk handkerchief on it. Doctor Hu gave the Jing Prince a salute before stepping up to take her pulse.

At the same time, Ding Xiang leaned over and spoke some inaudible words to him.

After a long while, Doctor Hu opened his mouth and said: “Hearing high-ranked palace maid Ding Xiang’s account of the situation, along with the condition of her pulse, madam should indeed be pregnant. It’s just a little early so it’s not too clear.”

“Really?” Eunuch Fu’s voice became pitched due to excitement.

Doctor Hu stroked his beard, “This, should be the case, with eighty percent confidence. But in order to be certain, the pulse needs to be taken after another half a month.”

Actually Doctor Hu was already certain, but he was never willing to speak absolutes. Furthermore, it was still in its early stages and the pulse was truly not that clear, which was why he spoke this way.

Hearing Doctor Hu’s words, everyone revealed a joyful smile. No one had any doubts at this time. Doctor Hu’s medical skills were extremely good, and having eighty percent confidence was essentially a certainty. Eunuch Fu was also aware that Doctor Hu liked to keep things close to the chest.

“Sure, sure, sure. This one will personally come invite you in half a month.”

Eunuch Fu personally sent Doctor Hu off. Ding Xiang asked Xiao Hua various things like whether she needed food or water before taking her leave as well.

Only the two of them remained in the room.

The Jing Prince was still in a state of shock. Only after seeing no movement inside the curtains in a long while did he raise the curtains and take a look.

He saw Xiao Hua lying there crying uncontrollably. It was just that her crying had always been restrained, and the way she cried wasn’t like other people so he hadn’t realized she was crying.

“Why cry?”

The Jing Prince went over to hug her and Xiao Hua leapt into his arms.

“Highness…..this servant concubine is happy…..”

“It’s a good thing, don’t cry.”

The Jing Prince stroked her hair and his heart rippled with an imperceptible affection. Although it was veiled, it still spread to his expression, allowing Xiao Hua to see that his highness seemed to be quite happy as well.

He took off his outer clothes and lay on the bed, pulling her into his arms but involuntarily loosening his grip.

“Highness, this servant concubine is with child……”

No one knew about the shock Xiao Hua’s heart received when she heard Doctor Hu’s diagnosis. These days she had only suspected, but was apprehensive and restless. Now that it was confirmed, she actually felt waves billowing in her heart.

What she wanted desperately in her past life didn’t proceed smoothly at first in this one. Despite the number of opportunities, there had never been any good news. She knew there were some small problems with her own body, and could only take it slowly. But to say she wasn’t disappointed would be a lie. She just wasn’t willing to let others see it.

After finally getting her body more or less adjusted, she ended up falling victim to the Jing Consort’s scheme. During that period of time her relationship with the Jing Prince hadn’t been clear, and no one knew that she was extremely unsettled. After all, apart from a man’s favor, the goal of a woman in this world was still to give birth to offspring.

“This servant concubine is very happy, likes it very much…..” She muttered with her mouth but the tears on her face still continued to flow.

“Don’t cry.”

The Jing Prince half held the person in his arms and clumsily stroked her back. His other hand used his own collar to wipe away her tears. The stream of warm tears made his hand feel hot with pain.

This wasn’t the first time Xiao Hua cried in front of the Jing Prince, but this time was the most moving. He didn’t expect her to care so much about this. The Jing Prince felt it was lucky that he made that decision those few days ago.

Xiao Hua was brought to laughter by his clumsy gestures. She pulled his collar and wildly rubbed her face on it. Only after curling up for another while did she calm down. Her tearstained eyes were glittering.

“Highness, this servant concubine likes it very much.”


“Highness, this servant concubine likes it very much.”


“Highness, this servant concubine likes it very much. What about you?”

A large palm touched her lower stomach. Only after lightly making contact did he carefully place it on.

His hand paused and the Jing Prince said in a hoarse voice: “This humble prince, is very happy.”


Only a few people knew about Xiao Hua’s pregnancy.

Apart from those in the western pavilion, only Eunuch Fu, Auntie Qi and Doctor Hu knew about it. After half a month, Doctor Hu came by once again and this time confirmed it.

These days Eunuch Fu no longer stuck by the Jing Prince’s side, and instead brought people in and out to construct a small kitchen for the western pavilion. After a couple days, Nana He took Auntie Meng and wandered over to the western pavilion.

Xiao Hua felt a little overwhelmed by favor due to these developments. Building a small kitchen was one thing, but Nana He and Auntie Meng made the meals for the Jing Prince. If they moved to the western pavilion, what about the Jing Prince’s meals?

After asking him several times, he told her every time not to worry about his meals and properly take care of herself. After seeing the Jing Prince eat all his meals at the western pavilion, and rarely ever returning to the Hall of Splendor, Xiao Hua secretly rejoiced. Seems like this wasn’t a bad development.

Eunuch Fu added a few more unfamiliar eunuchs and palace maids to the western pavilion. None of them were young, seemingly around thirty years old. They were cold faced and taciturn, and only knew how to bury themselves in work. Xiao Hua had looked them over before they came in. Since Eunuch Fu had arranged it, she didn’t refuse.

Xiao Hua didn’t know that the developments outside were even bigger.

The entire western three pavilion’s first two pavilions were soon surrounded by tall walls. The second pavilion was directly uprooted. The commotion inside was extremely large and no one knew what was going on.

Since the two pavilions weren’t far apart, Xiao Hua inevitably heard the noise.

She asked the Jing Prince who said they were renovating the pavilion.

From Nana He she finally heard that the Jing Prince felt this pavilion was too small, and wanted to expand it. Eunuch Fu suggested that they combine the first and second pavilions. Thinking of the estate’s lack of a viewing garden, he also prepared to construct one.

The meaning was self-evident.

Xiao Hua felt even more overwhelmed by favor.

She had been favored before, but had never experienced such extravagance. The Jing Prince always treated her well, but with another person in her stomach the level of treatment shot up in a straight line to tumultuous effect.

She brought up her concerns to the Jing Prince that night when he returned.

The Jing Prince said: “No harm.”

Well, since the Jing Prince, his highness, had said there was no harm, the little madam naturally felt no harm.


Eunuch Fu had been extremely enthusiastic over this period of time.

Madam Hua was pregnant, there was going to be a little master. He also looked favorably upon his highness’s extravagant moves for the madam. He was even willing to add on to it. He had to ensure madam was comfortable and carefree to optimize her birthing conditions for the sake of an heir.

Auntie Qi poured a bucket of cold water over him as she said what if it’s a young mistress.

Eunuch Fu also considered this. If there was one, there would be another one. It’s more important for flowers to bloom first before any fruit would appear. He was willing to accept it. Of course, if it turned out to be a young heir he would die of happiness. But such thoughts couldn’t be said out loud and he also wouldn’t express them.

The old woman surnamed He said that it was important for a pregnant woman to maintain a carefree state of mind. This was what Nana He told him when they secretly discussed the topic.

Eunuch Fu appeared not to care, but actually kept it in mind. The palace maids and eunuchs in the western pavilion were all given a talking to by him. Anyone who made the madam unhappy would be making him and his highness unhappy. They could imagine the outcome by themselves.

Furthermore, he himself was also very attentive. He would always stroll around the western pavilion in his free time. If there was an extra twig in the walkway, an extra pebble on the road, or if the birds were chirping too loudly, he would bring it up.

Xiao Hua saw it and kept it in her heart. She would always be grateful to those who treated her well. No matter their motivation, ultimately well was well and she couldn’t wipe that away based on their motivations.

This was Xiao Hua’s personality, and was something she settled on over her two lifetimes. A magnanimous and understanding person knew to distinguish between gratitude and grudges. There was no need to nitpick everything. It was important to understand other people’s positives, and not only think about their negatives.

Her relationship with Nana He was an example. Perhaps she didn’t understand initially why this Nana would treat her so well, and slowly came to realize over time. However, well was well. Why was it necessary to fuss over why someone treated her well?

People’s interactions were based on sincerity to begin with. As long as you bring out your own intentions and attitude, there was no need to worry about whether others were treating you well due to your personality or not.

The facts proved Xiao Hua’s way of doing things weren’t wrong. After moving to the western pavilion, Nana He did not forget about her even though no one had ordered it. Nana He had also helped her quite a lot during the event with Eunuch Fu. Even though Xiao Hua had been at odds with him, Nana He still sided with her quite a bit.


Because Eunuch Fu was busy with matters inside the western pavilion, the combining of the pavilions was handed to Eunuch Chang.

But Eunuch Fu observed and felt something was up. The walls surrounding the western pavilion especially made him feel weird.

Asking Eunuch Chang, he was told his highness wanted to renovate the pavilion. But renovations didn’t require all this.

That day, he brought over the blueprints for the garden. Seeing his highness spread it out on the table to ponder over, he couldn’t help but ask.

“Highness, did something happen?”

The Jing Prince placed the brush in his hand down and straightened up. After a moment of silence, he didn’t conceal it, “This humble prince doesn’t want others to know she is giving birth.”

Eunuch Fu was completely stunned, and didn’t understand why his highness would have such thoughts.

Letting his imagination roam, he thought of the small kitchen in the western pavilion, thought of Nana He, thought of those walls, thought of many things…..these were all arranged calmly by his highness and he had been happy to see it. Now that he put everything together along with his highness’s words….


At that instant, Eunuch Fu understood everything. His tears overflowed.

The Jing Prince’s expression didn’t change but the waves in his eyes didn’t cease, “Just in case.”


“If anything really happens, you can take care of things.”


The Jing Prince pretended not to hear. Seemingly remembering something, his gaze softened, “Having a larger space gives her something to pass the time. Nana He said that pregnant women can’t stay inside all day and needs to walk around outside. Help this humble prince think of places that one can spend time in without getting bored.”

Eunuch Fu wiped away his tears. He bent forward, “This old servant will take care of it. I will definitely let madam feel happy.”

After a pause he spoke again: “But for this to be hidden requires madam’s cooperation.”

The Jing Prince thought about it and said: “Let’s wait and see after she gives birth. You arrange things with her servants.”


Author’s notes:

Everyone has different opinions. Would baby Jing be better or baby Hua? Or perhaps baby Jing and baby Hua coming out at the same time? This author likes girls. A baby Hua would look very cute and super adorable. But a miniature Jing Prince also seems deathly adorably. What a dilemma.

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Kimmy G
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