Chapter 99

In the bathroom, the Jing Prince sat in the enormous bathtub.

Xiao Hua sat on the side, running her hands idly through the water as she chatted with him.

It wasn’t that the Jing Prince didn’t want to let her bath with him. Instead, the water temperature was too high. For the Jing Prince, soaking for a while would make the following massage a lot more comfortable. For Xiao Hua, she would be cooked through and her body would end up soft and limp. Also, they would end up getting distracted.

The one time he pulled her in for a wild session resulted in her being unable to do the massage afterwards. Xiao Hua complained about it and he never did it again.

“I’ve told highness many times to take care of yourself normally. Even if it’s not for anything else, at least it wouldn’t be as uncomfortable. What’s more important than the body’s health? Getting up and moving around after working for a while can only be a good thing.”

Xiao Hua didn’t know how many times she had fussed about this. But from what she saw, it would go in one ear and out the other.

What she didn’t know was that the Jing Prince had already changed quite a lot. It’s just that recently things had gotten busy and he wasn’t able to keep the other things in mind. The Jing Prince closed his eyes and leaned against the tub. It looked as though he was dozing off but his mind was actually working furiously.

He thought about the excavation of those silver mines and the recent abnormal movements within the capital. The silver mines weren’t a big deal. What was more important was the capital. Ever since the event with the crown prince, the capital had been undergoing constant changes. The Jing Prince looked over various reports before discovering certain things. It was just that things weren’t clear at the moment and he could only observe silently.

It sounded easy, but for him to do so from thousands of miles away wasn’t simple at all.

His mole was only useful for matters concerning the crown prince. He wasn’t able to get information regarding any other places, so he could only order his subordinates to gather all sorts of news. He would then combine the information with what the mole could tell him regarding the crown prince as well as his own knowledge from his past life and slowly match things up. Only then could he see the overall picture.

This was something Huang Qin and those advisors couldn’t help with, and he could only do it himself. This was because he was the one who gave the orders, so he was the only one who could maintain effortless control of the entire board.

Of course, he wasn’t just busy with this. He still had to handle things like various vassal state officials, the adjutant Guan Zheng’s side, the militia under his jurisdiction etc., etc.

The Jing Prince frowned as he thought about all these things. An ice cold finger touched the center of his brows and rubbed it, “Having worked all day, it’s better to rest after getting back.”

Xiao Hua didn’t know why the Jing Prince was so busy these days. Even if she heard about it she wouldn’t understand. She could only make sure he was a little more comfortable after getting back.

Thinking about what she had heard in the afternoon, Xiao Hua’s eyes started misting up again. But she didn’t say anything, merely sitting behind the Jing Prince and using the jade comb to untangle his hair.

Doctor Hu said that smoothing one’s hair often was beneficial for one’s health. Xiao Hua remembered this and would help the Jing Prince do so whenever she got the chance.

After combing for a while, she felt that the water in the tub had gotten a little cool and had someone add some hot water.

After soaking for around twenty minutes, Xiao Hua told the Jing Prince to get up, helped him dry off, put on his underwear and the two of them went to the bedroom.

At this time the Jing Prince didn’t have the energy to think about anything anymore. His face was buried in the soft pillow which had a light fragrance. He involuntarily closed his eyes and slowed his breathing.

Xiao Hua minded her own business as she busied herself for half an hour with massaging. After she stopped, she saw that he had fallen asleep. She bathed and changed before returning to the bed.

By the time Xiao Hua lay down, the Jing Prince had shifted to lie on his side. Xiao Hua pressed herself against him, put one arm over his waist and slowly fell asleep.


The days passed one by one in this manner. Apart from Teacher Chen’s lessons and homework, all of Xiao Hua’s focus was placed on the Jing Prince. Her days were carefree and comfortable and before she knew it, over a month had passed.

“Madam’s body has been recovering quite well. After finishing these two portions of medicines, you can stop taking them.”

Doctor Hu finished taking her pulse and said while stroking his beard. His face had a satisfied smile.

“Nana He’s medical knowledge is very good. This old man had thought it would take around five to six months, but we’re one month ahead of schedule.”

Not only did Xiao Hua’s face lighten up, even Ding Xiang and the rest had trouble concealing their joy.

“I really have to thank Doctor Hu. This is all due to you and Nana He.”

“Madam is too polite. This old man’s just doing his duty.”

Ding Xiang sent Doctor Hu off.

“Thank the heavens, madam is finally cured.” Chun Cao said with her palms clasped together.

“Cured, cured, finally cured.” Ding Lan was so excited she forgot herself.

Xiao Hua was a little more reserved than they were, but her joy clearly showed in her expression.

Before long, the good news had spread throughout the entire western pavilion. Everyone had smiles of joy.

Everyone knew what Madam Hua’s recovery implied. Perhaps the Jing Prince Estate’s first little master would be born within the western pavilion. The Jing Prince’s side also received the good news.

The news was reported by Eunuch Fu. His face had bloomed like a chrysanthemum from smiling.

“Great news, highness! Madam’s body has finally recovered.”

The Jing Prince made an “en” sound and didn’t say anything.

“This is really great news! Doctor Hu, Nana He and those servants in the western pavilion all deserve credit.” His words contained the question of whether they should be rewarded.

“You arrange it.”

Once Eunuch Fu received the order, he happily ran out.

The Jing Prince’s expressions were never obvious, and his mood was unfathomable. Regarding Xiao Hua’s recovery, people couldn’t tell anything from his face.

In the eyes of outsiders, the Jing Prince had suddenly gotten busy the past couple of days and didn’t have time to go to the western pavilion. In reality, no one was aware of the struggle within his heart.

But having not gone for two days, the Jing Prince also felt restless, and still went over on the third day.

It seemed that absence made the heart grow fonder. That night lying in bed, not only was Xiao Hua excited, the Jing Prince was extremely excited as well. Especially since he was so “busy” these past days he hadn’t touched her at all. The release of all the pent up desire in his heart made things naturally different from the past.

Therefore, the Jing Prince was especially ferocious, and wanted to go for multiple rounds. Even though Xiao Hua was no longer the same as before, she was still utterly defeated by his continuous barrage.

After, the two of them were dripping with sweat and the bedsheets and bedding were all tangled up.

Xiao Hua was limp all over, and she mumbled, “Highness, this servant concubine’s body is recovered.”

Although the Jing Prince had long since known about it, Xiao Hua felt it was better to personally tell him. It was like a child sharing good news with their most intimate person.

The Jing Prince stroked her sweat-filled hair, “You like?”

“En.” Xiao Hua nodded, her face full of smiles.

The Jing Prince had wanted to ask what she liked about it, but stopped himself. What she liked, he naturally knew.

Mentioning this, Xiao Hua sat up and put a pillow under her butt.

The Jing Prince saw her strange movements and asked in confusion: “What’s that for?”

Xiao Hua yawned, her eyelids drooping, “Apparently this is a method to help with pregnancy. This servant concubine will give it a try.”

The Jing Prince’s eyes flashed and he didn’t speak. After another while, he called for someone to prepare water. As he headed to the bathroom, he planned to carry her over as well but was pushed away.

“Highness you go first. This servant concubine will come in a bit.”

The Jing Prince didn’t understand. Xiao Hua pointed at the pillow underneath with a red face.

The Jing Prince went to bath. Xiao Hua lay for another while. After the amount of time recommended by Nana He had passed, she got up and went to the bathroom.

After cleaning themselves up, the two of them returned. The bedding had already been replaced.

After lying down, Xiao Hua fell quickly asleep. The Jing Prince however was wide awake.

He looked at the lovely face beside him and thought of her red little face and her joyful appearance….

She actually wanted to give birth to a child for him, right?

Although there was clearly some conflict, although he clearly hadn’t decided yet, although he clearly knew that it would be very difficult in the future….he clearly knew everything, but his feet had still involuntarily brought him over. Because he had remembered the words she had spoken that time she cried: Highness didn’t come, and this servant concubine thought highness had someone else. This servant concubine’s heart was deathly uncomfortable….

He didn’t want her to feel any discomfort.

She had finally recovered and she was very happy she could get pregnant. Could he still pretend to be oblivious? Could he still get Doctor Hu to calculate dates?

Actually, he could.

He had many, many ways to prevent her from getting pregnant, but he couldn’t bear to use them.

He was truly afraid of the flower’s wilted appearance once she found out.

Forget it, forget it. Just let nature take its course.

If it really happened, they’d raise it properly.

If that day really came, it would still leave her with some support….


It was as if nothing happened, yet also as if something had happened. The days continued to smoothly pass.

Over a month passed once again, and there was suddenly a large commotion in the western pavilion.

After Nana He’s adjustments, Xiao Hua’s period had become very regular. But this time it was already over ten days late.

This was something that everyone paid attention to, and they were naturally extremely nervous.

When it delayed for a day, Ding Xiang’s gaze grew a little strange. Xiao Hua also understood what it could mean.

Whenever the Jing Prince came to spend the night, his occasional advances were rebuffed by Xiao Hua. Luckily he was busy during this time and didn’t ask for it too frequently. She had only refused two or three times.

These days the two were extremely close, and both were unbearably aroused. At this critical juncture, Xiao Hua considered her body’s abnormality and then saw his extremely excited state. She had refused him a couple times, and this time was unable to do so again.

There were other ways to satisfy a man, and she ended up using various different methods. After almost half an hour, she had helped him relieve his problem.



Xiao Hua opened her eyes and saw the Jing Prince’s half furrowed brows.

“Why not let this humble prince touch you?”

Hearing this, Xiao Hua trembled and all her distracting thoughts vanished.

“That, that’s not it.” Seeing that if she didn’t give a reason, this person would definitely be mentally scarred, Xiao Hua could only say quietly with a red face: “This servant concubine’s period is overdue by ten days.”


As expected, one couldn’t speak halfheartedly about things to him. Xiao Hua cleared her throat and spoke again: “This servant concubine’s period is usually very punctual. This time it’s late, and this servant concubine thinks she might be pregnant but isn’t sure. She’s afraid doing it will harm the child.” After speaking, she lowered her head.

This person is really forcing her to say everything out loud. If she truly was pregnant, that would be absolutely wonderful. If she wasn’t she would be embarrassed to death….

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3 years ago

Could be, but since her period was irregular it may be irregular again. Of course we know she does have kids eventually soon.

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Hetbasile CF
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Kimmy G
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Remember that she was reincarnated and her real lived years are not 15, but more like 25 if not 30. So both her husband and her get to enjoy young bodies. I am grateful that he lets her learn how to read and write and eventually obtain education in arts. He behaves as an adult towards a teenager which is good.

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