Chapter 120

The fiery red chamber along with the dragon phoenix candles dazzled the eye.

Luo Huai Yuan beamed and said: “Yan Yan, it’s getting late. Let’s turn in.”

Yan Yan instinctively looked at the nuptial bed and her face immediately turned red. However, under the red light’s reflection, it wasn’t visible. She looked at the bunch of palace maids around them. Luo Huai Yuan saw this and waved his hand, having everyone leave.

Yan Yan’s dowry had been sent to the fourth prince estate yesterday. This included the maids and grannies so she didn’t have any of her own people around at this time. Thinking of how she had to have strangers serving her intimately, she couldn’t help but frown.

Luo Huai Yuan also realized this point and couldn’t help blame himself for not having thought of everything.

He thought about it and still lapped his lips and said: “Yan Yan, how about I help you bathe and change?”

What wishful thinking!

It wasn’t like she didn’t know how to bathe herself!

Yan Yan rolled her eyes at him and walked towards the bathroom by herself.

It was truly a bathroom.

In the middle there was a rectangular pool inlaid with white marble. A golden beast head continuously spouted hot water. The steam curled up and covered the entire room. She took off her golden crown and her thick set of robes before finally feeling at ease. Yan Yan wore her chest wrap and light silk underpants into the water.

Her hair had been washed this morning so it didn’t need to be washed again. After soaking for a while, she finally took off her underwear and chest wrap before immersing herself underwater. Soaking was actually secondary. What Yan Yan wanted to do most was to clean herself. She had never liked the feeling of cosmetics on her face, and she had a thick layer of it on today.

After wiping her face clean, she realized that the bathroom door had been pushed open and someone had come in. That person’s movements were extremely light, but unfortunately Yan Yan’s martial arts weren’t just for show.

She grabbed the flower ornament in her hair and sent it flying over. A girl cried out “aiya” and knelt down.

“Fourth consort forgive me. Fourth consort forgive me. This servant came in to help you bathe!”

Yan Yan didn’t have time to respond before another voice sounded out. Along with this voice, someone barged in.

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong? Who let you barge inside?”

“Who let you barge inside?”

Two voices rang out simultaneously. The first was Luo Huai Yuan’s and the second was Yan Yan’s.

Luo Huai Yuan was scolding the palace maid while sneakily glancing over at the same time. Unfortunately, Yan Yan had submerged herself in the water. The only thing visible was her beautiful face that was even more alluring within the steam, as well as half of her fair shoulders. He couldn’t help but swallow a few times, his little heart pounding.

“Hurry and get out, you’re not needed here!”

Luo Huai Yuan distractedly waved his hand, “Didn’t you hear the fourth consort’s words? Hurry and leave, you’re not needed here.”

“I’m talking about you!”


Luo Huai Yuan froze, and then immediately wilted. His appearance looked very reluctant.

Seeing that person leave, Yan Yan finally let out a breath. A man barging in while she was bathing, even if he was very familiar, still truly challenged her nerves.

“You may rise. Come help me dry off.”


That palace maid walked over with her head half-lowered. She first helped Yan Yan up from the pool before taking a snow-white towel and carefully drying the moisture on her body.

Yan Yan’s skin was fair and her physique was upright and sturdy but also filled with elasticity. It was different from the softness of other girls. This made the palace made a little astonished, but she didn’t express it on the surface.

After wiping her dry, the palace maid brought over a crimson set of innerwear and helped her put it on.

When Yan Yan came out of the bathroom, Luo Huai Yuan wasn’t in the palace hall.

A palace maid walked over and reported quietly: “His highness went to bathe.”

Yan Yan nodded and sat down in front of the makeup counter. She had the palace maids help her take out her hairpins, allowing her jet-black hair to fall loose.

The palace maids’ movements were very light and Yan Yan wasn’t used to it. Only now did she feel a weird sense of being out of place due to not having her own maids. Actually, it was clear that the maids in normal households couldn’t be compared to those in the palace. They relied on their meticulousness to remain in the palace, and each had their own strong points.

However, this was still the palace and Luo Huai Yuan didn’t have any backing here. It was better to be a little more careful.

Thinking of this, Yan Yan said “you may all take your leave” and had all the palace maids leave. She slowly used the comb to brush her own hair.

After Yan Yan was done, Luo Huai Yuan wasn’t back yet. She looked around and saw a large chest in the corner. This chest was something Yan Yan had brought into the palace. Her dowry had all been sent to the fourth prince estate, but since she had to remain in the palace for two nights, she needed some daily necessities with her.

Looking at this chest, Yan Yan recalled what her mom had secretly stuffed her last night, and told her she had to look them over prior to entering the nuptial chamber. However, Yan Yan wasn’t in the mood to do so last night, so she had Mei Xiang put it into the chest.

She walked over and flipped through the chest for a while before finally fishing out two things made of jade. One was in the shape of a watermelon and one in the shape of a large peanut. These things were about the size of a palm and were exquisitely crafted. They seemed to be alive. There was a crack in the middle that seemed like it could be opened.

Yan Yan grabbed the objects and got in bed. She sat cross-legged and prepared to open them up.

She first chose to open the jade watermelon. She lightly pulled at it and it came apart.

The watermelon split in half, forming two circular lids. On the bottom half there were two small figures carved upon it. These two figures were extremely lifelike, and their eyes could be clearly seen. One was a woman and the other was a man. They were both completely naked and tangled together in a very strange pose.

Opening the “peanut”, the same thing was inside though the poses were different.

Yan Yan felt a little confused. Why did her mom give her these things, and tell her to look at them prior to entering the nuptial chamber? Were they practicing martial arts? Yan Yan looked closely and felt that they were practicing martial arts.

But why weren’t they wearing clothes?

She recalled Lady Hui telling her that there were some secret martial arts techniques that were never spread. Perhaps this sort of technique required the absence of clothing, and also needed a man and a woman to practice together?

The moment Luo Huai Yuan returned, he saw this scene.

His little consort wore an extremely thin red silk robe, her long soft hair scattered behind her. Her jade neck and feet that were revealed looked extremely cute and made his heart ache. In her hands, she held an “upgraded version of an erotic painting” as she pondered and analyzed…

Luo Huai Yuan felt his heart shiver and a gush of warmth burst from his nose.

Yan Yan raised her head and looked up at him.

“You’re done bathing? Why is your nose bleeding?”

He hurriedly wiped his nose with his sleeve and laughed it off: “It’s nothing, it’s nothing. I’ve been getting flare ups these past few days.” After a pause, he asked: “Yan Yan, what are you doing?”

His voice was a little hesitant.

Yan Yan turned her head and looked at the things in her hands again. “My mom gave me these things and said I must look at them before entering the nuptial chamber. No matter how I look at them, they seem to be training martial arts. However, why are their poses so weird and why aren’t they wearing clothes?”

As she spoke, she waved the thing in front of Luo Huai Yuan’s eyes.

Luo Huai Yuan felt the urge to spurt blood. After taking a few deep breaths, he steadied himself.

He smiled brightly and leaned over, “Let me see.”

Yan Yan handed the “watermelon” over and continued to examine the “peanut”.

Was this the legendary bottom lining of the dowry?

Luo Huai Yuan wondered, but he never thought the bottom lining could be made so exquisitely outstanding, making one gasp in admiration!

He looked for a while and said conversationally: “I also feel like they’re training martial arts. Do you think mom, as an elder, is implying something with this?”


“That’s right. Look, there’s a man and a woman, and she also told you to look at it prior to entering the nuptial chambers…”

He slowly trailed his voice off.

“Little fatty, do you mean to say mom is gifting us this martial arts secret manual? This sort of technique has to be trained with a man and a woman?”

Luo Huai Yuan nodded wildly.

Mother-in-law oh mother-in-law, you’re really my dearest mother! He hadn’t figured out how to settle his little consort whose martial arts were exceptional, but now he finally had a good place to start.

According to Luo Huai Yuan’s usual character, he would take advantage whenever he could, and not bedding his own wife was nonsense. However, he was still afraid! Just like if there was something you’ve wanted for a long, long, long time, as though it were a dream, but it suddenly became reality. This sort of feeling was impossible to describe.

This was also why Luo Huai Yuan had taken so long in the bathroom. He had blitzed through the washing part but then took ten times as long to prepare himself mentally.

Yan Yan looked at him doubtfully and said disdainfully: “Your martial arts are so bad, we’re not on the same level. How are we supposed to train together?”

Shunned by his wife!

Luo Huai Yuan wasn’t discouraged at all. He spouted nonsense without batting an eye: “That was in the past. After being trained by my master, along with your junior apprentice brother’s hard work, I’m already a changed man! My martial arts are definitely not bad. You’ll see in a bit.”


“Really!” He nodded vigorously, looking very earnest. “If you don’t believe me, we can give it a try!”

Yan Yan thought about it but still shook her head: “Let’s forget it. Taking off our clothes to train still feels a little off.”

Luo Huai Yuan looked dejected but continued to persist: “Think about it. Mom, as an elder, gave you these things. There has to be a deeper meaning. If you let her efforts go to waste, your mom will definitely be very sad.” He glanced at Yan Yan’s expression and spoke again: “Aren’t you curious about what kind of martial arts this is? I’m pretty curious myself.”

“When did you become so serious about martial arts?”

Yan Yan had heard from Lady Hui that Luo Huai Yuan’s talents weren’t bad, but he had no willpower. He was someone who slacked off frequently.

“I’ve always been serious about it. I just never let others see it!” Luo Huai Yuan put on a wrongly accused expression.

Yan Yan kept getting the feeling this fellow was up to something. However, his expression was truly honest, and his words were extremely reasonable.

“Then how about we train a bit?”

“Yes yes yes.” He was so happy he kept nodding.

Yan Yan had always been straightforward. Since she made up her mind, she no longer hesitated. She started taking off her clothes. After there was only a small chest wrap and a small silk underpants, she felt his abnormality.

“Why do you keep getting a nosebleed?”

Luo Huai Yuan wiped his nose nonchalantly and cursed: “It’s all that Xiao An Zi. He forced me to eat donkey meat hot pot, making me flare up.”

Yan Yan didn’t overthink it. She looked at the bright candles and couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

“Let’s blow out some of the lamps?”

As she spoke, Luo Huai Yuan leapt off the bed with an agility that didn’t match his appearance. He swiftly returned, and even pulled the curtains around the bed down considerately.

“The dragon phoenix candles needs to be lit the entire night and cannot be extinguished. I’ve blown out all the others.”

As he spoke, he swiftly took off his clothes and burrowed into the blankets. He laughed foolishly as he looked at Yan Yan.

“Aren’t we training? How are we supposed to train under the blankets? We won’t be able to do it properly.”

“Isn’t it because I’m afraid you’ll be embarrassed? Hurry and take it off, I won’t look!” He looked embarrassed and bashful.

The sound of rustling clothes could be heard, followed by a warm fragrance.

Luo Huai Yuan was still a little nervous but Yan Yan had already approached.

“Then let’s begin.”

Author’s notes:

How to write the wedding night? This was the essay topic this author gave herself.

Sweat, this counts as helping the little fatty a bunch. Otherwise, he might get beaten by Yan Yan on his wedding night!

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Oh author why do you torture us (and Fatty Luo) so 🥵?

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