Chapter 178

Since Yan Yan and Liu Shu Yi had been friends for many years, their thoughts were naturally on the same page.

Hearing these words, she had become interested in Han Shu.

Due to her curiosity, she ordered Luo Huai Yuan’s subordinates to investigate. Luo Huai Yuan’s spies were extremely skilled, and using them to investiage a minor official’s household was essentially a waste of heavenly resources. However, they were startlingly efficient. Not two days had passed by the time they investigated the Han household from top to bottom.

Looking at the information they obtained regarding Han Shu’s entire life, Yan Yan admired her even more.

Han Shu wasn’t a talent but her personality was steady, with some steel behind her gentleness. Whether it was handling internal affairs or other matters, she had her own way of doing things. Furthermore, her family background was simple without any messes and foulness. Her appearance wasn’t bad, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call her a beauty.

She couldn’t be more any more suitable for Yan Mo’s situation.

However, Yan Mo would have the final word on whether or not she was suitable. Furthermore, Shen Yi Yao had picked out several suitable partners during this time. Han Shu’s status might be a little low in Shen Yi Yao’s mind.

Shen Yi Yao was born in a major household after all. Although Yan Mo had said he didn’t care about background, she probably didn’t take his words to heart. As a mother, she would ultimately wish for her son to have the best of everything. Although he had the Zhenguo Duke as his grandfather and a prince as his brother-in-law, he ultimately didn’t have much of a foundation. A marital alliance happened to be the best way to fill in this gap. Shen Yi Yao wanted to find in-laws that could help her son.

Yan Yan didn’t mention Han Shu to Shen Yi Yao.

First of all, she was afraid Shen Yi Yao would object. Secondly, it was better for Yan Mo to make up his own mind.

Shen Yi Yao gave the likness painting and the information of the two girls she had her eye on to Yan Mo. Yan Yan also gave him Han Shu’s information at the same time.

Before long, Yan Mo returned to the Yun Prince Estate.

“Sis, you have your eyes on this one?”

Yan Yan nodded, “It’s just for your consideration. This girl is pretty good. She’s just a little older.” However, she was perfect for Yan Mo. Yan Mo wasn’t young either.

Yan Mo rubbed the painting in his hands and didn’t speak.

“You don’t have to follow my opinion or mom’s. You’re the one getting married and it’s your life. It’s naturally best to go with your thoughts. If you don’t like them, tell us and we can keep looking.”

“Has sis seen her before?” Yan Mo waved the painting in his hand.

“From a distance. I had your brother-in-law’s subordinates investigate her. The other two as well.”

Yan Yan had the spies investigate Shen Yi Yao’s choices. They didn’t have major issues but their respective estates had rather complicated environments. Therefore, they weren’t as simple as they appeared. Yan Yan had pointed this out in the information she had given him.

Yan Yan wasn’t someone who liked to pry. However, since she had come from such a complicated environment herself, she kenw that none of the major households were simple. Yan Mo’s marriage naturally had to be considered from every aspect.

It’s just that Shen Yi Yao didn’t need to be informed about these problems. She was taking care of her babies and still had to worry about Yan Mo’s marriage so she was exhausted. These things Yan Yan handled herself. Yan Mo just had to refuse and she would start searching again. She didn’t have to bother Shen Yi Yao.

“How about arranging a meeting? We don’t know the girl’s opinion yet.” Yan Mo muttered to himself for a moment before saying.

“This one?” Yan Yan pointed at the painting in his hand.

Yan Mo nodded, “Since she caught sis’s eye, there must be something special about her. Little bro trusts sis’s insight. However, we can decided whether she’s good or not after the meeting.”

Regarding the choosing of his wife, Yan Mo was also rather cautious.


Even since Han Shu received word from her aunt’s relative, she had started feeling restless.

The entire Han household was the same. There was joy but also confusion. They felt that a pie had fallen from the heavens but also felt a sort of nervousness.

Although the other’s background couldn’t be called the best, it was already something their Han household could only dream about. Especially since they heard that this was a ranker of the recent exam. This made the Han household’s people not dare believe such a thing would happen to them.

Compared to Han Shu’s mother, Han Shu’s aunt had many more opinions.

“Enough, enough. How big is this matter for you to all be like this? We also don’t know much about the other party. He’s twenty-six but not yet married. Who knows if there are any issues? Furthermore, he’s merely expressed interest. The rest has yet to be seen.”

Despite saying this, Han Shu’s aunt was also rather excited. It could be seen from the many new clothes she had brough over for Han Shu. She was tugging at Han Shu and making her try each of them on. She was doing her best to dress Han Shu up like a descended fairy to dazzle the other party blind.

After a round of of trying things on, Han Shu’s aunt was still not satisfied. She complained about Han Shu’s mom for not caring about her daughter normally. There wasn’t even any appropriate clothes or jewelry she could bring out.

Actually, this was just due to her emotions. The Han household’s circumstances weren’t good, but the couple treated their daughter rather well. She couldn’t be compared to those major households’ young ladies but she wasn’t lacking. It’s just that her aunt’s expectations were too high, which was why she felt nothing was adequate.

Compared to her aunt, Han Shu’s mom seemed much more agreeable. Hearing her older sister’s words, she hurriedly nodded and agreed to take care of it tomorrow.

Han Shu’s emotions had been a little chaotic initially. Having been tormented for a while, she was no longer restless, just helpless. However, it wasn’t suitable for her to say anything, especially since her mom and aunt her were so spirited. She merely found an excuse and hurriedly hid in her room.


Although the Grand Xi had some restrictions between boys and girls, the matter of marriage was different. In consideration of the younger generation’s feelings, the elders would create some opportunities for the unmarried pair to meet and see if they got along.

Such opportunities might happen during some flower banquet, or perhaps during another household’s wedding. It could also be during the offering of incense. It was just an opportunity for them to see each other, or perhaps find some time for a brief conversation. It was so both sides could have some understanding.

The Jianan Temple was located in the capital’s suburbs. It was where the most incense was burned in the area. The temple was neat and the surroundings quiet and secluded. Many major families liked to offer incense and pray for blessings here.

The Yun Consort gracing this temple with her presence was naturally an extraordinary event. The Jianan Temple had long since removed any unaffiliated people and awaited her arrival.

Soon after Yan Yan arrived with the two children and Yan Mo, another carriage entered the Jianan Temple. Because they had the Yun Prince Estate’s official seal, the guards didn’t stop them.

After Yan Yan arrived, she went and burned incense before offering some donations.

She had never believed in gods and Buddhas, but since she was here she naturally had to act the part. Afterwards, she took the two children to a room and ate the specially prepared vegetarian meal. Yan Mo had vanished at some point.

The temple grounds were lined with limestone. The walkways were cyan colored and the garden was verdant and lush. Yan Mo walked over from afar and saw a girl’s delicate figure from behind, under the tree.

Han Shu was dressed extremely simply and neatly today. She wore a mauve jacket and dress, her pitch-black hair loosely tied in a knot. Her neck appeared fair and it gave her a delicate air. Her jewelry was also extremely simple. She had a white jade hairpin and a pair of pearl earrings. A nicely colored jade bracelet hanging loosely around her wrist was the deepest color on her. This bracelet had been forcibly put around her wrist by her aunt prior to leaving.

Her aunt had wanted to dress her up properly but she had refused. Girls liked to dress up beautifully but Han Shu felt that she didn’t want to put on appearances for others, and wanted to appear as she was. She had always been opinionated and her family knew this. They could only go along with her.

Therefore, when Yan Mo arrived, he saw a simply dressed girl.

She wasn’t extremely beautiful. At least, she couldn’t be compared to his sis.  She had no makeup on her face, but looked exceptionally pleasing to the eye.

Yan Mo didn’t make a sound prior to approaching. However, when he approached he startled Han Shu.

Seeing this, he hurriedly cupped his hands and apologized: “Miss Han, Yan Mo was rude.”

Han Shu calmed herself and looked at the person.

He wore a set of simple cyan robes, making him look tall and upright. His appearance was delicate and handsome, and he had a refined and scholarly temperament.

This was young noble Yan, who had remained unmarried at twenty-six?

Han Shu couldn’t help but blush and half lower her head, saying quietly: “It’s no big deal. It’s also my fault for being timid.”


This vegetarian meal took quite a while to eat. Yan Yan especially slowed down.

After eating, they had tea but Yan Mo still hadn’t returned. Yan Yan had a mysterious feeling as she had people prepare a room for them to rest in.

Yan Yan was naturally playing her part well but the two children couldn’t keep still anymore. In Niu Niu and Jian’er’s mind, the temple was quiet and boring. The chanting of the monks made them drowsy and they made a fuss about wanting to play outside. Yan Yan knew the temple had an apricot tree garden that had a pretty good view. She had the servants take the two to go play there.

Having come to the temple bright and early, Yan Yan was a little sleepy. She had Liu’er help her into the inner room for a nap.

After waking up, she had just tidied up her appearance when Yan Mo came back with the two little ones.

It turned out that they hadn’t wanted to go play, but rather wanted to find their uncle. The two children were both smart. Seeing their uncle vanish mysteriously, they guessed he definitely had something going on. On the surface they agreed to play in the apricot tree garden but they actually roamed around the temple until they found Yan Mo who was talking to Han Shu.

Not only did they interrupt their date, Han Shu also ended up playing with the two little ones for a while. However, this mistake ended up allowing Yan Mo and Han Shu to spend some more time together. Yan Mo had planned on speaking a little before taking his leave. The other party was a maiden after all and her reputation couldn’t be tarnished. With the appearance of his niece and nephew, it gave him the opportunity to see more of Han Shu’s character.

During this period of time, he was able to get a different view of her. Sis’s insight was truly pretty good.

After returning and sending the two little ones away, Yan Yan asked Yan Mo’s opinion.

Yan Mo only said one thing: let’s go with her.

His ears were faintly red. Yan Yan secretly laughed inside and pretended not to notice.

Over on Han Shu’s side.

Seeing that person leaving with the two children, she gripped her handkerchief and went to find her mom.

Han Shu’s mother bombarded her with questions but she didn’t say anything, her face flushed. However, she was still thinking about that gentle and jade-like man.

He was really a gentle person, and was rather patient when playing with the two children. Although he didn’t speak much, his nature was clear from his gentle countenance.

Would he be interested in her?

After all, he didn’t say anything when they parted.

Previously, she had felt it would be fine either way. Now, Han Shu’s emotions were very complicated. She also didn’t understand her true thoughts, but that trace of longing in her heart couldn’t be suppressed.

Her mom was still fussing so she had no choice but to selectively say a few things.

Actually, there wasn’t much to say. The two of them had just spoken a little before the Yun Prince Estate’s little prince and princess had come. They went and played with the two children in the apricot tree garden for a while. During that time, she had merely followed along and hadn’t spoken.

After getting home, everyone was waiting for the two of them.

Thus they found out that during this meeting, the two had met and young noble Yan had a decent appearance. They didn’t get anything else, but it appeared Han Shu was rather satisfied. The rest depended on the other party.

One day passed, two days, Han Shu felt each day was a year for the first time.

Because nothing happened during these two days, the Han household’s people were a little gloomy. However, they didn’t dare express anything in front of Han Shu in case they upset her. Seeing her family treating her as some fragile object over the last couple of days, Han Shu felt even moodier.

On this day, the weather was beautiful.

Han Shu’s mother saw that the mood in the house wasn’t good and wanted to help dispel her daughter’s depression. She took her out to buy some autumn clothing and what not, preparing for the change in seasons.

They arrived at a clothing store. The clothes on display were novel and beautiful, made with all sorts of colors. Han Shu’s mother was rather interested. Instead, Han Shu’s enthusiasm was low.

Her mom went inside to try on clothing and Han Shu was invited to a side room and offered tea while she waited.

The moment she sat down, someone walked in.

Han Shu looked over and was extremely startled.

The other party smiled faintly and said: “That day my niece and nephew suddenly came over. I had initially wanted to say a few things but wasn’t able to. I wanted to find a chance to see miss again, and thus followed along when I saw miss going out today.”

The actions of a stalker ended up sounding like the elegance of a gentleman from his mouth. It didn’t feel inappropriate at all.

Han Shu’s heart palpitated but she controlled herself. She said with a blush: “Young noble Yan, please speak.”

“If you are willing to marry me, my treatment of you will never change, and neither will my heart.”

Han Shu lightly bit her lower lip and said hesitantly: “Is young noble aware of this maiden’s request…”

“I am.”

Han Shu raised her head, her face crimson and her gaze apprehensive. “I won’t marry someone who takes concubines!”

“I know.”


When the word came out, Han Shu realized how eagerly she had agreed. Her face immediately turned even redder and she couldn’t help but lower her head.

“An official matchmaker will come in the next few days. Miss, please quietly wait at home.”

At some point, that person had already left but Han Shu remained dazed in her chair.

Her mom walked in with a pleased expression, saying: “This store’s clothes are all pretty good. Mom found a set she really likes. Shu’er, you should also pick out a set.”

At this time Han Shu was still in a daze. How could she be in the mood to try on clothing? She shook her head in refusal. Her mom merely assumed her daughter was still preoccupied with the previous matter and pulled her along, picking out two sets of clothing for her.

When they went to pay, the shopkeeper didn’t accept their money, saying it had already been paid for.

Han Shu’s face flushed again. She hadn’t paid and her mom hadn’t paid. Their Han household wasn’t impressive enough to make others not want their money. Then who was it that paid? It was naturally the person who had just appeared earlier.

Her mom didn’t believe it and started arguing with the shopkeeper. However, the shopkeeper merely refused to accept the money but didn’t explain why. Han Shu’s mother was an honest person and insisted on paying, but the shopkeeper refused to accept. Seeing that an argument was breaking out, Han Shu endured her embarrassment and whispered a few things in her mom’s ear.

Her mom glanced at her daughter and then looked doubtfully at the shopkeeper.

That shopkeeper said helplessly: “Madam, this is the Yan household’s store. Master had given instructions earlier. Please don’t make things difficult for this lowly one.”

Seeing this, Han Shu’s mom didn’t say anymore. She took the wrapped up clothes and left with her daughter.

After getting on the carriage, she asked: “That youngster really came to see you earlier?”

Han Shu lowered her flushed face and nodded.

“Oh ho, I was wondering why that store’s attendant maid was so diligent. She pulled mom along and had me try on clothes for so long. Turns out it was a set up.”


Her mom beamed and patted her hand, “Fine, fine, fine. Mom won’t say anymore. We’ll wait for the youngster’s family to come propose.”

Author’s notes:

Ah Mo is also rather good at chasing girls.

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