Chapter 179

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Now that the matter was settled, everything was easy to arrange.

Although Shen Yi Yao was a little unhappy her son had picked a girl with an average background, she naturally wouldn’t say anything since he and her daughter had chosen. She wasn’t someone who liked imposing her will on others.

Everything proceeded as per convention. The next day, the Yan household’s matchmaker came to the door.

First came the matchmaking, then the inquiry of name and birthdate, the small gift of fortune, and the completion of the process commonly known as betrothal gift

The day the betrothal gifts were sent over, the alley where the Han household resided was exceptionally lively. Red streamers were scattered throughout the alley and the sound of firecrackers rang continuously. Carriages covered in red silk filled with betrothal gifts entered their gates like a steady stream. It was extremely grand.

This alley was mostly filled with minor official households around the sixth and seventh rank. Seeing the Han household’s auspicious occasion, people inevitably asked about it. They naturally found out which household the Han household was getting into a marital connection with.

It goes without saying they all expressed their congratulations, saying that the Han household’s eldest miss was a blessed person.

Wasn’t this the case? To be connected to the Zhenguo Duke and the Yun Prince, Official Han was certain to rise up rapidly!

There were many envious and jealous people. The Han household’s eldest miss was rather famous in the area due to her insistence on marrying someone who didn’t take concubines.

Although people didn’t say anything openly for the sake of face, there were quite a few who made fun of Han Shu privately. They all felt she was crazy to spread such grand words, and would definitely become an old maid who couldn’t get married. Unexpectedly, she ended up with a great marriage.

The nearby households’ madams and misses all came to get information out of Han Shu’s mother.

Han Shu’s mother was an honest person and they soon got the information they were looking for. Only now did they realize the Han household actually didn’t have any hidden backing. This marriage was purely coincidental.

They had to lament that fate was unpredictable. They could only say her ancestors’ must have done some good for green smoke to be coming out of their graves.


Once the betrothal gifts were sent, what came next was to fix a wedding date.

Because both sides weren’t young anymore, they decided to get married before the end of the year. The date would be the eighteenth of November.

The groom’s side didn’t have any problems. With the Zhenguo Duke Estate, Yun Prince Estate and the Qi Estate helping, it was possible to finish arranging everything before the wedding. The bride’s side however was a little rushed.

Luckily the Han household had started saving up for Han Shu’s dowry since she was young. After so many years, they had saved a good amount. Along with having the Yan household’s betrothal gifts to supplement a little, they were able to put together an extremely respectable dowry.

It’s just that they probably couldn’t make a dignified set of furniture prior to the wedding.

Regarding the furniture, normally when girls got married people would be arranged to get the measurements of the groom’s residence in preparation for making furniture.

Some meticulous households would gather precious lumber in advance because such things weren’t produced in the capital. The best quality lumber wasn’t always available and needed to be purchased from the south.

The Han household hadn’t prepared these things in advance. Their circumstances didn’t permit it and furthermore, based on their status they figured their daughter wouldn’t be marrying high. There was no need for precious lumber. They had planned on randomly having a set made locally.

Unexpectedly, the groom’s family was very prestigious. Even now, Han Shu’s mother was sighing in amazement about the huge betrothal gifts. Their original intentions didn’t seem appropriate anymore. However, with little time, what were they to do?

Han Shu’s parents were so anxious it was as if their house had caught fire.

When Yan Yan found out about this, she decided to take care of it.

Something that was difficult for the Han household wasn’t hard for Yan Yan at all.

The Zhenguo Duke Estate and the Yun Prince Estate both lived extravagant lifestyles. Things like lumber weren’t needed in large amounts, but would always be present in the storage.

Over on Yan Yan’s side, she had also been saving up for Niu Niu’s dowry. Whenever she encountered good lumber, she would collect it for her daughter. It wasn’t hard to give some to the Han household.

As for the lack of time, it also wasn’t a big deal. They just found a few more craftsmen to work night and day.

Yan Yan was Yan Mo’s older sister. Older sisters were like mothers so she used the Yan household’s name to send a batch of lumber to the Han household, and even found the craftsmen for them.

Seeing these things, the Han household was startled and delighted. They didn’t know it was Yan Yan’s doing and merely assumed their future in-laws were taking care of their daughter and solved a huge problem for them.

The Han household naturally felt it was a little inappropriate to even have the groom’s side arrange the furniture. However, their abilities were limited and they didn’t want to ruin their daughter’s wedding. After considering for a day, they finally still accepted it.

Afterwards, Han Shu’s father personally went to discuss this matter with Yan Mo.

He expressed his household’s gratitude and shame. Han Shu’s mother felt uneasy and had her son send the Yan Estate and Yan Mo food and clothing to express their sincerity.

Their actions fell into Yan Yan’s eyes. They were honest yet not inflexible and knew how to adapt. The entire household’s characters were pretty good. With such in-laws, Ah Mo’s future days would definitely be happy and prosperous.


Yan Mo only realized what his sis had helped with when his future father-in-law came to the door.

He had just entered the Hanlin Academy and was starting from step one. Since he rarely showed himself in the capital in the past few years, he didn’t have many of his previous friends left.

Therefore, after entering the Hanlin Academy, he studied, networked and familiarized himself with the officialdom. During his free time, he didn’t forget to visit some old friends. He was extremely busy.

Han Shu’s father was an honest person. The Ministry of Labor was different from the other six ministries. They were responsible for construction, irrigation, excavation and so on. There were many minor officials there that were skilled laborers, but weren’t good at currying favor. The Ministry of Labor’s officials were visibly more honest and less sophisticated than those of the other ministries. Han Shu’s father was such an example.

He didn’t beat around the bush and merely laid out extremely clearly the Yan household’s act helping them with their problem and expressed his household’s gratitude.

When Yan Mo heard this, he knew his sis was helping him from behind the scenes. Since she used his name to do so, he naturally wouldn’t expose her. He said that since they would become one family in the future, it was only natural to help each other. After placating Han Shu’s father, he sent him off.

Everything was on track and all that was left was for the wedding to arrive. After wrapping up her brother’s matter, Yan Yan turned her thoughts onto her husband.

After almost a year of supervision, Luo Huai Yuan’s weightloss was without success. Yan Yan had more or less figured out her man’s attitude.

He knew that losing weight was good for him, but he was just lazy and without perseverance. If he didn’t put in the effort, it was useless no matter how anxious everyone else was. The two had been married for many years and understood each other very well. Seeing that force was useless, Yan Yan chose to use a different method.

Luo Huai Yuan returned that night and entered the inner room. However, he felt something was different.

The room wasn’t brightly lit with only two lamps in the corners. The entire room was covered in a faint yellow glow as though covered in golden muslin. The servants were all gone and the curtains in front of the bed were half-lowered. There seemed to be someone sleeping soundly inside.

His wife was asleep?

Yan Yan didn’t normally sleep so early. Seeing this weirdness, Luo Huai Yuan couldn’t help but worry and head towards the bed. He approached and lifted the curtains. He was greeted by a breathtaking sight.

Yan Yan lay on her side on the pea-green silk mattress. Her back was half-exposed, her thick, jet-black hair scattered across her back and the bed. There was a thin band around her neck and another same colored band wrapped loosely around her slender waist. Underneath was a pair of crimson muslin pants. It was extremely thin and the curves of her legs were visible.

From her jade neck and slender shoulders, down to the arc of her waist, the curve of her butt, and her fine legs, her beauty shook him to the core.

He subconsciously rubbed his nose and mumbled “Aren’t you afraid of the cold? Come, let your husband warm you up.” He swiftly undressed and kicked his shoes off before jumping onto the bed. His movements were agile and didn’t match his physique.

Yan Yan seemed to be fast asleep and didn’t wake up. Lust permeated his thoughts and he had completely forgotten her skill in martial arts. No matter how soundly asleep she was, it wasn’t possible for her not to notice someone’s approach. His lecherous hands first assaulted her beautiful back, rubbing her satiny skin under his palms. Then, he moved to the slender yet elastic waist.

“My Ah Yan Yan’s figure is so good. Look at that slender little waist. Your hubby loves it to death…”

He crooned a weird little tune as he stuck to her, his large chubby face kissing and rubbing against her. If an outsider were present, they would probably wonder where this molester had come from. Yan Yan’s back and waist were her sensitive spots. Being attacked like this involuntarily gave her goosebumps and made her shiver. She immediately regretted using such a method to seduce him.

His heated breath blew against her waist and spine. It felt especially sensitive since her back was to him. Luo Huai Yuan kissed and nibbled as his large hand wandered lower and roamed about. When he got to the curved part, he extended two fingers and undid her satin pants with familiarity. Two white and full curves appeared before him.

Seeing this, Yan Yan hurriedly pretended to wake up and pushed his head away. While she pushed one thing away, she failed to defend against the other. His hand seized upon the key area, rubbing and grasping, making her body turn limp.

He impatiently undid his belt and pressed over, entering that wonderful place in one go. Yan Yan didn’t refuse him and let him do as he pleased. The large rosewood palanquin bed made creaking noises. Within the curtains, the charming moans of a woman and the rough breathing of a man rang out occasionally.

Having gotten into it, Luo Huai Yuan held Yan Yan and put her on top of him, urging her to move. Normally, Yan Yan was rather cooperative because she also liked to be on top. This time, she didn’t do so, and merely lay there unmoving. Luo Huai Yuan was unable to wait any longer and wanted to move, but wasn’t able to use any strength due to his large stomach. His ears and eyes turned red from restlessness.

Yan Yan saw his pitiful appearance and was going to acquiesce, but then changed her mind after consideration. She secretly sucked in her breath.

Luo Huai Yuan felt a wave of tightness and gripped her smooth buttocks tightly as though struck by lightning. He turned rigid before falling limp. Although he had released, he felt that there was some energy inside that he hadn’t been able to vent, making him extremely fidgety.

Yan Yan stirred and prodded his fat stomach: “You should lose this stomach of yours. It’s truly getting in the way.”

Yan Yan went to the bathroom to clean herself but Luo Huai Yuan lay in bed feeling rather upset. It wasn’t because of Yan Yan’s words, but that feeling of “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” made him feel dissatisfied.

The couple’s bedroom matters had always been rather harmonious. Although Luo Huai Yuan was inexperienced in this life, his past life’s experience and his indulgence in the modern world on the island nation made him familiar with such things. He was even somewhat of an expert. Because he loved Yan Yan deeply, he naturally wanted her to be as happy as he was. Therefore, Yan Yan experienced quite a lot of pleasure in these matters, and even understood the idea of cooperating.

However, as Luo Huai Yuan got fatter, there were some inconveniences in bed. Still, such inconveniences were covered up by Yan Yan’s cooperation. Yan Yan had trained in martial arts from a young age. Her body was flexible and she was able to do many movements others couldn’t. Therefore, Luo Huai Yuan rarely had moments where he wasn’t satisfied.

This was his first time feeling less than capable and it truly left him unsatisfied. Was he unable to eat pork if there was no butcher? He was actually unable to perform when his wife didn’t cooperate. This was essentially a man’s biggest disgrace!

Yan Yan came back after her bath and saw her man didn’t cuddle up as he normally did. She felt a little apprehensive but the show had to go on. She naturally wouldn’t reveal any clues. She yawned and said she was tired before falling onto the bed and no longer making a sound.

After this sort of thing happened several times, Luo Huai Yuan gradually couldn’t remain calm.

Actually, Yan Yan didn’t make it obvious. Every three out of five times she would put on an exhausted appearance. She had truly been very busy recently. She had to help with Yan Mo’s wedding and also had to interact with the noblewomen circles after returning to the capital. She also had to take care of the two children and manage the estate’s various internal affairs.

Luo Huai Yuan would never have thought his straightforward wife would change things up to deal with him. He fell deep into self-doubt and self-loathing.

As he prepared himself to lose weight, Luo Huai Yuan recalled the grand words he had said to Yan Yan. He said they would try all the positions one by one after he lost weight. He felt full of energy.

Losing weight wasn’t an easy matter. It wasn’t possible to persevere without a bit of motivation.

That’s right, this became Luo Huai Yuan’s motivation.

Just as Yan Yan had expected. If he didn’t put in the effort, it was useless no matter how anxious everyone else was. Once Luo Huai Yuan decided to lose weight, things seemed to really be different.

Luo Huai Yuan hadn’t been a fatty in the modern world. He was merely a little chubby from staying inside all day. An otaku’s health was definitely not good but he didn’t have the money for a gym. Furthermore, he was also lazy. He had researched many exercise programs but had never put them into action.

What man didn’t want to be shredded, with powerful biceps, abs and even the V-line? These were all things that men dreamed about, but work or habits or laziness got in the way. These would remain thoughts without becoming action.

Since Luo Huai Yuan became motivated, he naturaly had to do it properly.

Luo Huai Yuan’s buried desire had always been to become a tanned muscle-man!

He started coming up with an extreme diet plan. Of course, this wasn’t similar to Yan Yan’s previous plan of little oil, little salt and little food. Instead, he started eating foods that were high in protein, and other things that were filling yet not high in calories. He started doing a large amount of aerobic exercises and also some anaerobic exercises that built muscle.

Seeing her man being proactive, Yan Yan was rather happy. She pampered him daily and was extremely warm and considerate. Yan Yan understood him quite well. She knew that with some praise and flattery, he would forget his own name as he went all out with losing weight.

The weather gradually got colder. The Yun Prince Estate however was boiling over.

Yan Yan and the two little ones naturally kept up their morning practice. Luo Huai Yuan’s proactive exercising also made everyone in the estate raise their eyebrows. Even the Jing Emperor in the palace heard about it. Whether or not he secretly laughed wasn’t known but he sent over quite a lot of precious tonics.

Seeing these tonics, Luo Huai Yuan felt rather disgusted. He secretly told Yan Yan that the repressed fellow was definitely laughing at him. Once her husband gets ripped, he’ll go mock that pale chicken!


November arrived and soon it was the day of Yan Mo’s wedding.

The eighteenth of November was an auspicious day suitable for marriage.

The Yan Estate in the Tianjing Alley started getting lively bright and early.

Red banners and lanterns bearing the “joy” character were hung outside the doors. Everything had been set up the day before, informing all passersby that this household was having a wedding.

In the afternoon, carriages arrived continuously. The Yan Estate’s steward and the servants sent over by the Yun Prince Estate were responsible for welcoming them at the door. Yan Mo’s wedding wasn’t going to be a huge affair at first. However, Second Madam Shen said there won’t be a lack of people attending and they should prepare accordingly. Therefore, Yan Yan had sent some of the Yun Prince Estate’s people over to help the Yan Estate’s servants on the day of.

Yan Yan and Luo Huai Yuan brought the two children over early. Shen Yi Yao and Qi Ran had come as well. Of course, the Zhenguo Duke Estate’s people wouldn’t be missing either.

After the wedding date had been chosen, Yan Yan had discussed things with Yan Mo. They ended up buying the residence next to the Yan Estate. That residence was similar in size. Since time was tight, they knocked down the dividing wall and did some renovations. Now, the Yan Estate was twice as large as before.

Seeing more and more people arriving, Yan Yan, Shen Yi Yao and Second Madam Shen went to receive the womenfolk. Luo Huai Yuan and Qi Ran went to help entertain the men.

There seemed to be around an hour left until the ceremony. Yan Mo was dressed in crimon wedding attire. He, Shen Qi and some friends rode fine horses as they carried the bridal sedan. They made a huge fanfare as they headed towards the Han household.

Author’s notes:

This chapter had some sensitive areas that needed to be edited out. However, the amount of characters couldn’t be reduced so I moved some over from the next chapter. There’s only around a hundred words or so. Please forgive me.

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