Every man dreamt of being a stud. Chen Yun was no exception.

Unfortunately his dreams could only be realized within his own novels.

That’s right, Chen Yun was an author who wrote harem webnovels. He was contracted to Xdian and couldn’t be worse off. He could only live off his meager author’s fee every month.

Chen Yun was an orphan. He had no money and no friends. He left the orphanage the year he got into university and put himself through school by working part-time.

He had the unrealistic expectation that getting a degree meant a prosperous life, but those thoughts were promptly shattered the moment he left the school gates. After messing around here and there, he decided to live life the way he wanted to.

As a shut-in, he wrote all sorts of imaginative webnovels, losing himself in the fictional world.

One day, out of the blue, he transmigrated after going to sleep.

He transmigrated into a world he didn’t dare imagine. Here, the emperor ruled supreme. Here, men could have numerous wives and concubines. Here, he was a prince….

This was the best thing that could have happened!

However, after experiencing this world for a few days, he realized that no matter where he was, it wasn’t easy to loaf around.

In his previous world, it was possible to go anywhere and start a new life as long as one had money. Here, there were all sorts of restrictions, and even hidden dangers at every step….

When people told you daily to remain low-key or else risk deadly calamity, anyone would become brainwashed.

Chen Yun was thus brainwashed.

Fine, so be it. If he had to loaf around waiting out his days, he might as well do so. It wasn’t anything different from what he was doing before. He might as well gain some weight. Men didn’t rely on their looks to earn a living. He might as well be a little dumber. Others all said the smart ones died faster….

Apart from these little details, Chen Yun felt his days passed rather splendidly. He had always been good at adapting. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made it to his eighteenth birthday where he went to school for a few years, entered society and then finally transmigrated.

At the very least, his dream of becoming a stud could become reality. Perhaps—-he had transmigrated into a harem novel, and not one where the male lead set out to conquer the world?!

Chen Yun, no, he was now the fourth prince of the Grand Xi Dynasty Luo Huai Yuan, continued living his new life in its preset trajectory. He often felt it was all a dream, and expected to wake up back in reality every morning.

In the end he truly woke up, but it was right as he was about to die.

His life after transmigrating flashed before his eyes. Luo Huai Yuan’s mouth twitched in a careless smile, his gaze gradually coming into focus.

He was actually in quite some pain, but he was unwilling to cry towards these fucking heavens. He wanted to curse the mother-effing heavens a thousand times, but stubbornly shut his mouth.

Although he was a weeb, although he was occasionally vulgar, he was still a weeb who had standards. Therefore, he merely raised his middle finger at the sky and left the rest of his words unsaid.

‘Pa.’ The sound of a slap rang out. Luo Huai Yuan’s face was slapped crooked. The smile he himself thought was carefree but actually looked rather vulgar to others immediately slid off his face.

“Curse if you feel like cursing, why act like a grandson!?”

It was a woman’s voice, both clear and lively.

This was his consort.

She completely matched the image of a goddess within Luo Huai Yuan’s mind. She was plucky, straightforward and wasn’t afraid to be herself. These were all qualities Luo Huai Yuan didn’t have in either of his lives. This was his nominal wife. He had only dared look upon her and didn’t dare defile her.

The goddess was too perfect and he was too unworthy. There were several tens of beauties within the Yun Prince Estate’s rear court, but the only one he didn’t dare touch was this woman who should be his to begin with.

Luo Huai Yuan laughed gently, a trickle of blood flowing from the corner of his lips.

“Actually, there’s actually no need for you to accompany me in death….”

But she still foolishly drank that cup of poisoned wine.

“It’s my bad luck in becoming your consort. Since you’re about to die, can I still live on? Fine, I could, but I have no interest in living on sullenly!”

“Sullenly, huh….”

“That’s right. I can’t stand being stifled. I’ve made all who tried to stifle me incapable of doing so again. This one I admit to being incapable of beating, so might as well be sensible…”

“Any regrets?”

“What about you?”

“You first.”

“You damn greasy fatty!” Yan Yan swallowed the blood flowing from her mouth back down. “I’m worried about my brother….”

“No need to worry. I’ve helped you arrange everything.”

“Really? You’re lying, right? You run off every time you see me. How can you know what’s on my mind?”

Luo Huai Yuan licked his lips bitterly and let out a sigh.

He naturally knew whenever he wanted to know.

The woman next to him still pressed him for answers energetically as blood continuously flowed from her mouth. Luo Huai Yuan was unable to keep watching as his heart ached dearly.

He did his best to smile a little more valiantly, but scarcely realized that his fatty face paired with his subconsciously twitching and bloodied chin made him look sinister and frightening.

“Aren’t you curious….what my regrets are?”

“You spend your days so blissfully. You have regrets?”

“Of course I do.” Luo Huai Yuan slowly lifted himself up and moved over to lean by Yan Yan’s side. “My only regret is—–that I wasn’t able to make you the real Yun Consort….”

Yan Yan tilted her head and spat a mouthful of blood all over his face, “This damn problem of yours is acting up again. Back then, back then weren’t you the one who said it was better if we remained a respectful distance?”

That’s right, it was me who said it. But I now regret it. I’ve long since regretted it….

“…..if you’re still my consort in the next life, let’s be husband and wife, ok? I will bravely cherish you, cherish you so, so much. I will treasure you….”

Treasure? What does it feel like to be treasured by someone? She had never been anyone’s treasure before!

Because of these lovely sounding words, Yan Yan nodded straightforwardly, “Sure.”

How could there be a next life? Death was the end!

“Then it’s a promise….” Chen Yun said in satisfaction.

“Ok, I won’t go back on my word.”

Obtaining a promise from his goddess before death, how nice. Luo Huai Yuan, your death was worth it. Truly worth it. But, why did he still feel some regret?

“…..give birth to some fat little children for me at that time. I’ll take you to travel the world….”

“…..I’ve always wanted to do so, but never had the money before, and didn’t have the freedom now….”

“Yan Yan! Yan Yan! Yan Yan—–” 1

Mother-effing heavens!

Luo Huai Yuan let out an extremely sorrowful scream.

He had never acted this way before. The Yun Prince was worthless in everyone’s eyes. He was cowardly and useless. Even if others spat in his face he would act as if nothing was wrong. He was so timid that he never seemed to lose his temper. Who would have expected that he could make such a frightening expression!?

Wearing a mask for too long made it seemingly impossible to take off. Yet at this moment, the mask that seemed to have become part of his skin finally cracked.

He reached out his trembling hand and slowly stroked her face.

He had done this countless of times in his dreams, but never dared do it when he was awake.

“Don’t go off too quickly. Wait for me….”

  1. Her full name is Yan Yan, different words with different tones. Her nickname is the second Yan in her name used twice. It’s not really possible to differentiate in English so I’ll just leave it as is.
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Ohhhh interestingggg. Usually we will have a female transmigration to ancient time, but rarely guys. And he is a chubby one lolll the prologue hooks me. Thanks for the translation!

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OMG! What an awesome early Christmas gift!!!! Cannot tell you how great it is to see you translating again!

Kimmy G
Kimmy G
2 years ago

Interesting. He reincarnated from the modern world first and then transmigrated in the ancient world.
Ah…to be able to redo life again and correct ones big mistakes

2 years ago

Oh no. You know what translator-san, I mtl-ed this novel a while ago because of reincarnated cute fatty ML make me curious about the story. But well, let’s read this again!

Don’t forget to stay healthy.

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2 years ago

Thank you for translating this one. I look forward to reading this. 😊

2 years ago

Seriously I fall in love with both leads. For mc to narrates his life in such an easy going manner is quite something. Yeah, right. Smart guy dies first. Totally agree.
Thanks for the chapter!

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Late to this party 🥳but I’m so glad you’re doing this story about Jing’ers chubby but bighearted bro ♥️♥️♥️

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Oh wow. The fatty prince story. Gosh thank you.

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Looks like I found a gem!!!

1 year ago

Dear Princess Capture Plan

I’m Nada Indonensian Translator. I read your translation novel “The Lofty Fierce Consort” and got hooked. So here, i want to ask permission to re-translating it to Indonesian and post them on, if you don’t mind. So can i re-tl them? I will also put your link on my indonesian’s synopsis

Thank you for your attention, i will be waiting for your reply.